Homeschool Ideas for Math

What are some of your best homeschool ideas for Math?

Teaching a child to count, skip count, add numbers, subtract, multiply and divide can be a very rewarding experience. Also playing around with weight and measurement; exploring numbers in the natural world; exploring relationships with geometry and algebra can give us and our children a great sense of accomplishment and joy.

However, for some children understanding Math can be difficult. It can sometimes take time for a concept to sink in. But, isn't it great that as home educators, we can give our children the freedom to take their time, to let them come to a point of understanding as they mature and make connections.

One of the most exciting times we have as parents is when we witness the exciting, "Light Bulb" moments. The moment your child makes the connection! The moment their eyes light up and they say, "Now, I get it!!!" If you have had those moments alongside your child, you will know the pleasure it gives a homeschooling parent. We would miss out on those times, if we weren't working side by side with them over the difficult issues.

Well, why don't you tell us about the "Light Bulb" moments you have had with your child. Inspire fellow home schoolers with your story! Give us a great homeschool Idea we can use as we are home schooling our children. Tell us a worthwhile homeschool math resource which has helped you to teach primary Math or High school maths effectively. What are the best maths homeschooling materials you have used? Have any terrific multiplication games?

Perhaps you are homeschooling preschoolers and have found some wonderful resources to teach early math concepts through games or manipulatives? Add your homeschool idea here.

Are you keen to hear about the "Light Bulb" experiences? Perhaps the tool or method someone else used may help you teaching your child?

Be inspired by "Light Bulb" Math Stories

Tell us your "Light Bulb" experience
in Maths.

It's so exciting when our child's eyes light up because they have finally caught on to a Maths concept. Share your story and strategy with us.

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