Independent Learning Programs

by Marianne

We have been working on Independent Learning Programs in our home over the last few months.

I have been motivated in this direction through my reading of the Thomas Jefferson Approach. Although I do not strictly adhere to any one approach, I have benefitted from wide reading and realize there are many ways to homeschool - and to design your own homeschool!

Have you set up independent learning programs?
How do you do it?
Would you like to know what we have done?
Let me know here.

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Please Reply
by: Anonymous

To those who wrote a comment below: (Paula,Gwen, Katherine, Jo-Anne, Karleen and Teresa)

Please contact me and let me know if you would like a free copy of the latest Ebook - Independent Learning Program Manual and Course Sheets.

I would love to send you all a free copy, but need your email addresses!


Thanks for the encouragement
by: Marianne

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and motivation.

I definitely will spend some time and put out my thoughts.
Please be patient with me and I hope to have it done over the next few weeks.

Unfortunately, I have not been that well, so it may take a little longer.

Love to know more !
by: Paula

I'm very new to Homeschooling and need every bit of your fantastic information, so far it has helped so much.
Thank you

Independent learning
by: Gwen

Hi, I'm moving toward more independent learning programmes for my children and would love to 'see' how you do it. Please post some examples. Thanks.
Love the info on your site.

would love to know more
by: Katherine

Hi, yesI would love to hear more about this program. I feel setting their own goals is great as they go through high school etc.
Regards, Katherine

Very interested
by: Jo-anne

Would love to know how you do this with each of your children. Please share your thoughts and ideas with us.

Independent Learning Programs
by: Karleen

Yes, I'd love to see more about the Independent Learning Programs! I've got two teen-age boys, so this seems like something that would help 'personalize' and 'individualize' their education -- see that they have some responsibility besides just getting the work done.
Thank you!

Please share!
by: Teresa

Would you please post some examples of how to go about Independent Learning? It sounds wonderful, but I don't know what it "looks like."

Thank you!

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