Memory Aids - Tips and Tricks to Remember Stuff!

Memory Aids are ways for the brain to associate information to a picture such as a letter or a number. This can be done with rhymes which give the brain a framework to store and hook new information. This happens since it seems the brain is a pattern seeking device looking for associations between the information which is already stored and the new information which is being acquired.

Over many years, there have been numerous mnemonic aids which teachers, university lecturers, parents and scholars have used, made up of funny, ingenious and quirky rhymes or word plays which help us remember information which otherwise would not enter our long term memory.

"i before e, except after c."

"Thirty days have September, April, June and November..."

Perhaps you have made a quirky rhyme, song or chant to help your children remember some fact. Share it with us here.

Here's some Memory Aids added by other homeschooling families.

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