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I found Site Build It when I started surfing the web to understand how I could build a website. I knew what I wanted to write about. That was simple, because my interest and passion is homeschooling.

But your knowledge, experience and passion will be different than mine, in the same way that my one website is different than the 56 million other sites on the world wide web.

These people have all built web businesses with Site Build It. Listen to what they love about SBI.

...But....What are your interests?

Perhaps you are a home-schooling mum, like me, who is wondering how you could add to the family income in some way and still work from home. You love gardening, scrapbooking, quilting, oil painting... in your spare time(!) Wonderful! Your experience... your knowledge... your passion... is the beginning of an information entrepreneur. An "infopreneur." Share your experience, give your readers the answers that they are searching for on the web, send out a newsletter with your tips and advice, broadcast your knowledge. Readers will enjoy your articles and return time after time = traffic to your site! Your site has interested readers and you link them to products which serve your market.... monetization! Your Reward: You get to remain home with your kids... AND...contribute financially!

Or.. maybe you are the parent of a home school teen, wondering about how they could begin an internet business to provide them with a source of income. Wouldn't it be great for them to have a stream of income right now? This is not just a gimmicky/cute website your child would be making, but a real life business! This is true, active and meaningful learning. It will motivate any teen when they know they can spend hours developing a site around their interest and make money! And you, as a parent can rest assured that they are learning real-life business/marketing strategies as well as developing their own unique writing style.

Site Build It! have even written a manual on Writing on the Net. Here is the information to learn to write better. Write smarter. First, write to PREsell. Then write to SELL. The only course on the Net that shows you how to do both. And it's free!

Writing a web business also develops important character traits - perseverance, diligence, excellence - because Site Build It is not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme. It has the philosophy of the Tortoise - slow and steady... This is an incredible opportunity for any teen! And... homeschoolers have the one huge advantage.... TIME!

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Or.. perhaps you are a student, wondering how you can generate an income all year round and use your hobby to develop your own on-line business. What are your interests? Computers? Games? Team sports? Music? Travel? Ways to earn money on the internet? World War 1? Scrapbooking? Teaching Writing? Learning a language? Dress making? Fashion and Accessories?

Well, whatever scenario, Site Build It will work for you.

There are thousands of people from all walks of life, who have created a web business (not just a website), with the help of Site Build It!

Your hobby, passion, interest or experience is one of the most important ingredients in your web business and another equally important ingredient is your motivation.

And with those two powerful ingredients, Site Build It! guides you step-by-step to make a successful, web business.

What Business would suit you?

Maybe, you're not quite sure what sort of business would work for you or your homeschooling teen. Well, the unique Process in which Site Build It works, will work for any idea, any type of web business from work-at-home mums, to infopreneurs, selling real products, real estate, students, local businesses and much more.

SBI! also has the tools to help you brainstorm you idea and find your niche.

Find your idea in one of these business ideas!

What's so good about Site Build It?

It is successful!
It delivers a profitable business!
There's real proof of success and real life results!
It over-delivers in content and help!

SBI! 2.0 - another way in which SBI overdelivers - find out what this means.

What I also really appreciate is that fact that It is reputable - doesn't mimic a good idea without delivering real results! It is totally against any "get rich quick" schemes.

If you're willing to work hard with BAM (brain and motivation), SBI shows you how to build a profitable web business.

Try finding a package which is SO complete and SO helpful!
How does your package compare with SBI?

What does it cost? $299US You can even try it RISK-FREE!! Find out here!

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