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Families are unique and each child is different, but one thing is the same for all of us: We love our children and want the best for them! 

We want to see them grow into confident adults who love learning and know how to learn and teach themselves all sorts of things. We don't want to hold them back, we want to give them opportunities. We want them to be comfortable with themselves and with others. We want them to explore, investigate, make conclusions and solve problems. We want them to love, be generous, show concern for others and make a difference in the world in which they live.

There's not one 'right' way to home school - 

It's your family, so - Design it YOUR way!

It's my joy to share the journey with you and provide you with home school ideas and step by step guidance

to help you Design Your Homeschool!

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Your step by step guide with helpful home school ideas and advice

There are many home school sites which address different topics, provide curriculum help, list resources but Design your Homeschool specifically provides practical home school ideas to help you design your unique approach to homeschooling.

Each step of the home school journey is simplified and clearly expressed so that by the time you have completed the step, you will have confidence to create an action plan and move forward. Each step contains practical and helpful home school ideas so that you can decide on a course of study and understand how to teach different subjects and do it all with your own home school goals in mind. 

Step 1.  Set your home school goals. This will help you stay on track as you decide what is right for your family.  As you work through setting your goals, it will help to keep your focus on what is important and this in turn will guide the decisions below.

Step 2.  Choose your home school curriculum.  Once you have goals in mind, it is far easier to decide on the course of study your family will follow.  You can begin to have the big picture in mind as to what you'd like to cover and what you're happy to ignore.

Step 3. Decide on the subjects you will teach. This step involves deciding the home school subjects you will teach.  Under each subject heading, you will find practical home school ideas on how to teach the subject,  home school curriculum ideas and how to create your own curriculum.

Step 4. Investigate home school approaches.  Here you will explore different approaches to homeschooling. Even though you probably won't fit into one box - you will discover some things about yourself and this step will help you learn more about yourself.

Step 5. Design your home school approach. By the time you get to this step, you will know far more about how you want to design your own homeschool approach. The pages under this heading help to explain how to create a plan in mind using parts of the approach which suits you best.

Step 6. Plan and organize your home school. How will you make it all work, write out the plan and get organized?  This step involves all aspects of being organized in your home.

Step 7. Be encouraged and find support.  Everyone needs support and this section will help you find home school support and encouragement. There are places where you can read stories from other homeschool families and a gallery in which you can find home school ideas across added by others.

Click on each step below to design your home school

1. Set your home school goals

Homeschool Goals

2. choose your curriculum

Homeschool Curriculum

3. decide on your subjects

Homeschooling Subjects

4. investigate home school approaches

Homeschool Approaches

5. design your home school approach

Design Your Homeschool Approach

6. plan and organize your home school

Homeschool Organization

7. be encouraged and find support

Homeschool encouragement and support

What homeschool curriculum should I buy?

P.S. ... This is not the first question to ask!

Many people begin with the question, "What homeschool curriculum should I use?" But, I'd love to suggest that you could consider designing your own plan and creating your own home school curriculum!

In fact, that's how my site is structured. 

Wouldn't it be lovely to have the confidence to teach a variety of subjects? To create an approach that suits you and your children?  To choose living books to use as your curriculum?  To make decisions based on your goals and to enjoy this precious time with your God-given children?

You can!  You can give your children a high quality education! Learn alongside them, direct them, watch them and share the wonderful journey of homeschooling as a family! 

Design Your Homeschool is written as a guide with practical home school ideas for each step in the adventure! Allow me to help.


educational goals - where are you heading?

As a family, you can decide what is important, what educational goals to pursue and how to go about it.

Try the practical home school ideas to develop your own individual home school approach which reflects your goals, lifestyle and your family.

This is crucial to Design Your Home school in your own unique way. 


Homeschooling - it's a matter of trust: Homeschool Encouragement

Be encouraged to homeschool, as you find educational tools and information, as well as a bunch of suggestions and home school ideas.

What is keeping you afloat in the tough times?

Read about Homeschooling Support ...


Choosing Homeschool Curriculum - important considerations.

Remember that when you are choosing your home school curriculum, you are the Master and the curriculum you may choose to buy, must be the slave.

This is going to be far easier when you have decided what you will teach and why.  These are crucial decisions when working out how to start homeschooling. 

Testimonials from home school families

"I have been looking into homeschooling and have hit brick wall after brick wall. I finally used some sense yesterday and asked the Lord to direct me to the right  information and 24 hrs later... He led me to your website. Praise God!  We know the Lord has put it in our hearts to have our children homeschooled, without a shadow of doubt. Knowing where to start or how to do it, has been overwhelming and difficult to get any information... I've been reading through your website for about two hours now and my heart is jumping about in my chest, I'm so overjoyed!"  Terri-Lee


Thank you so much for this site! It is an answer to my prayers and is helping me get my priorities into perspective. Seeing my children individually as God would want them, is helping me come out of the dilirium of first time home schooling and confusion. This is what I needed, an outline with descriptive objectives to produce my own family home school."


"Marianne- I just wanted to say thank you for your site. After homeschooling for the past 6 years, my husband and I were talking recently and he asked me to write out some big picture goals as I plan the new school year. I've been searching for some help online to little avail. I prayed today that I'd be able to find what I needed and your website is just the thing. I plan to comb through it carefully and use it as a guide. Appreciate all the wisdom and resources you share. Look forward to coming back again and again. Blessings,"


Christian Homeschooling

Trust Yourself ... Trust your decision ... Above all - Trust God!

You have been courageous by stepping out to homeschool and it's not something you want to do on your own.

We all need encouragement on this adventure and it's wonderful to know that as a Christian we are never alone!

Join me on the Keep on Track Homeschool Ezine for ongoing support and articles of encouragement for Christian homeschooling.

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