Keep-on-Track Home Schooling E-zine

It doesn't matter whether you've been home schooling for a week or a life-time, but we all need to be reminded of what is important. Would you like some guided help to Keep on Track? 

This free homeschooling E-zine, will provide you with practical advice and food for thought.

Developed around a specific goal, Keep-on-Track helps you to focus, keep motivated and strive towards your homeschooling goals.

  • What do you want you home to look like?
  • What is your focus?
  • How will you achieve your goals?
  • How can you be effective without burning out?
  • How will you Design Your Homeschool?

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Needing some home schooling encouragement?

Homeschooling can be difficult and at times, you may feel overwhelmed with choice, decisions and comments from others.   It is important at times to take a step back and see the whole picture. Learn how to simplify homeschooling.

Remember, it's all a matter of trust.

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