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Teaching Home school Math? Excited? Anxious? This page is the overview page of all my home school math pages. I have written about math living books, ways to teach math (the overview), the skills of math you want to cover, use of music and songs in math, and a variety of home school math curriculum. Check out the pages below and if you get lost - this is the best page to find help on everything about homeschooling math.

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Teaching Math and Creating a Math Curriculum

Teaching math can be done in a boring way (just use the text, slave through 50 questions a day...) or it can be done using a variety of techniques in order to develop better understanding of math in all of life. We need to aim to:

  • Use and Develop Mathematical Vocabulary - Use maths as you are doing all sorts of tasks and use mathematical language as everyday language - size, shapes, area
  • Use Maths in the real world - Cooking, sewing, setting the table, creating a budget, working within spreadsheets, computing, coding - are mathematical
  • Use Music - music itself is very mathematical - so learning an instrument is wonderful to understand mathematical concepts (even fractions); However, learning times tables and math facts through music is an excellent, easy way to approach math.
  • Use the art of Narration - read a math story book and ask for it to be retold to you. Teach a mathematical concept and ask your child to teach their younger sibling; Once your child can successfully teach a concept, you know they really understand it themselves.
  • Use concrete manipulatives - so important to begin with concrete manipulatives before getting into abstract math.
  • Use pictures - teaching can go from the concrete into a pictorial format.
  • Use Story Books - great way to see math in action in the context of a story. (That's why we love Life of Fred!)
  • Use Fun Math Games and Activities - so important to include a wide range of math games, from printable games, math card games, board games
  • Use abstract symbols - when the concept has been well understood.

Home school Math Curriculum Description and Reviews

Have you used this home school math curriculum? Add your opinion here and help other homeschoolers in their homeschool math curriculum choice. Let us know what you've enjoyed about the curriculum textbooks and how you have supplemented the math text.

More Homeschool Math Resources

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