Best Math Software

What is the best math software you have used?

Certainly Math software has a role in teaching and consolidating math concepts. The children love using the product and are often involved in the game, that they don't realize they're doing Math.

Another benefit of using math software is it sometimes is a way in which you can have the ability to spend time with another child. If you have a large homeschooling family, it is helpful to organize your day so that children are busy on different tasks. One child could be on the computer using a suitable CD while you sit down one on one with another child, and perhaps another child is using a timer to time themselves working on a math worksheet.

Here are my favourites. This is the best math software that I would recommend. We haven't used each of these CDs but we have used similar products from each of these groups (for example .. one of the Carmen Sandiego Cds and we assume the same quality of the product.)

Mighty Math

In Number Heroes students master fractions, multiplication, division, 2D geometry, and probability as they create dazzling fireworks displays, test their wits at a math game show, solve geometric challenges, and graph data.

Mighty Math DVD Pack (Basic Math, Pre-Algebra 1, Algebra 1, Geometry 1)
By Cerebellum Corporation

Math has never been mightier! Interactive testing and drill-style quizzes will help people of all ages ace those math tests! This set includes: Algebra 1, Basic Math 1, Pre-Algebra 1, Geometry 1


The Incredible Toy Story Adventures is an exciting game which covers thirty skills as players, ages 7-10+, progress through the game. Kids will work on math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, estimation, using money, fractions, time and algebra. Activities cover language arts skills including spelling, reading comprehension, parts of speech, grammar, punctuation and word decoding. Players will also work on science, social studies and problem solving skills.


Build logical-reasoning skills and explore scientific concepts as you restore Zoombini Isle to its original splendor and ensure the survival of the wild Zerbies.

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