Homeschooling Encouragement - What we all need!

Are you looking for some homeschooling encouragement?  Whether you are just beginning the journey of homeschooling and have a heap of questions you need answering, or you are a veteran needing some new perspective - you'll find a place of solitude and support and general homeschooling encouragement -

This page is here to help homeschooling families be encouraged to continue despite difficult circumstances, comments from others, questions you are facing or your own struggles.

We are all on the same path and so we face similar issues, and have similar questions.

Sometimes we just need that kind word, that encouraging thought, a new perspective.

I hope that as you read these pages, the articles that I have added and the answers that others have posted that you indeed do feel encouraged in your homeschooling journey.

Ask your question here and if you're a veteran, please feel free to answer a question and offer encouragement.  The questions I hear new home schoolers ask are exactly what I was asking years ago.... and sometimes I'm still plagued with those same questions needing to confirm, and re-confirm what I believe. Just ask my husband - I've been there and he's been there listening to me and keeping me on track! That's why they are Home schooling FAQs. (frequently-asked!)

I certainly do not have all the answers to the home schooling FAQs, but collectively, we can help each other  and provide homeschooling encouragement.

If you do not want your question on this forum, please ask me a question through my contact form.

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Articles for your Homeschooling Encouragement

How to Simplify Homeschooling - The Big Picture View

Is there a way to keep a simple view of what we're doing? How do we step back and see the big picture? To simplify homeschooling is to remind ourselves of what we really want to teach.

I've brought it down to 3 main skills! Find out more about how to simplify homeschooling.

To Simplify Homeschooling - is to Focus on developing Skills and Practise Them!

Those Annoying Homeschooling Questions

If I'm not qualified to teach my kids ... am I going to hand it over to someone who has taught this person to write the school crossing sign?  Read more about the types of questions you get asked and how you can sensibly answer them, nicely....  Homeschooling Questions and How to Answer Them.

Homeschooling : A Matter of TRUST

My Latest Articles on TRUST

My latest set of articles revolves around the word TRUST. Do I trust God as I homeschool or do I continually give Him the burden and then take it all back again? Here's some food for thought.

TRUST in God

RESOURCES: Making Wise Choices

UNIQUENESS of each Child

Support - Bernoulli Effect

Our Thankfulness Blog - 31 Days of Thanks

During the month of December, we created a Thankfulness Jar - 31 Days of Thanks...

We're using Proverbs for our devotions and each day we write what we are thankful about onto a paper scroll and add it to the jar.

Follow the Thankfulness Blog here.

Ask a Question

Never feel that your question is too insignificant to be asked. Questions can either spur us into action, or they can leave us confused and toss us off course. Sometimes you need to ask the question in order to clarify your own thoughts.

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Homeschool Teaching and Expertise 
Hi there and thank you for this excellent forum. We recently adopted a beautiful little girl from China. She is now 18 mths old and my wife and I are considering …

help! newly homeschooling and I have a question 
My four children have attended the same public school for the last 5 yrs, but we are now moving to a new town, and have decided this is the oppourtunity …

Homeschool Burnout 
I am trying to finish our homeschooling year for my 6 yr old daughter and 8 yr old son. We have been using A Beka workbooks for Arithmetic, and Language …

Registering your child with the education department 
Hi, We moved from NZ to the Gold Coast 7 months ago and have continued on homeschooling. But all along I have wondered whether I have had to register …

The Cat of Bubastes (sp) 
What age would be interested in this book? Also the CD is 6 hours long, abridged, do you lose a lot in the abridgement? Thanks you, Wendy

Thomas Jefferson Education approach 
I have just read, "A Thomas Jefferson Education" by Oliver Van DeMille and I have been intrigued by this Classics Based Education. I am wondering if …

Homeschooling Questions - Curriculum, Socialization etc 
I was told about ABeka Christian Academy, looked at their website, spoke with a gentlemen who is the one that told me about the school said it was affordable …

Home schooling with littlies 
What advice can you offer for getting through the home school day with toddlers? I have 3 sons under 6 years and feel like my whole day can be constantly …

Homeschooling and working outside the home 
I am homeschooling my two teenagers--16 and 14. My question is that I am working outside of the home part time now and we homeschool when we can, mostly …

Homeschool Discipline 
How do you discipline in the context of "home schooling"? Response from Homeschool discipline is a crucial element …

Lifestyle of Learning 
I hear homeschoolers talk about "lifestyle of learning" and the "homeschooling lifestyle". What does this mean? Response from …

Homeschooling approach 
I am only new to homeschooling and every family I visit seems to have their own homeschooling approach to education. It is leaving me confused. One family …

Homeschooling Reasons 
What are your homeschooling reasons? Many people ask me why I home school. I'm not always sure how to answer. What are other people's reasons for homeschooling? …

What if you feel you've made wrong choices in curriculum? 
Ok, so I really have been feeling anxiety about some of the choices Ive made with homeschool curriculum. If I could have had a mentor in the very beginning, …

Character / Life Skills  
At what age? I'm looking for a general list of character/life skills that can (and should) be taught in the home combined with suggested ages. …

A confused 15 years old... Not rated yet
I have a question rather strange. To begin with, I am a 15 y.o. Brazilian girl who, because of personal problems, droped the school at age 11. According …

Looking to meet up with Homeschooling teenagers! Not rated yet
We are looking to meet up with mums and homeschooling teenagers. Is there a Homeschool group in the Greater London area? I would like my teen son to meet …

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