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What are your homeschooling reasons? Many people ask me why I home school. I'm not always sure how to answer. What are other people's reasons for homeschooling?

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There are varied reasons why parents choose to educate their children at home. In my experience, although the reasons to begin to home school may be varied for each family (poor school experience, bullies, distance, travel), the reasons why families continue to homeschool will often centre around being obedient to God’s call for each individual family. I believe that God uses all sorts of circumstances to cause families to homeschool, and then often through prayer, dependence, reading and research, He leads them to the conviction that this is right for their family.

Some initial reasons why parents choose to homeschool may remain just as valid five or ten years down the track as the day they decided:

* Keep family unity
* Guard against adverse influences
* Be in charge of what is being studied
* Pursue Family Goals
* Guide your child’s character
* Give an education which is tailored to each child

Tell us the reasons why you began and continue to homeschool.

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Homeschooling for Generational Change
by: Anonymous

When our children were still very young, my husband and I had a long look at both our families. We considered all the good and the bad. One important thing that we noticed that most of the bad things that we don't like about our families were passed on from generation to generation. The difficulties in dealing with finances, the broken homes, the lost relationships among family members were just some of the things we saw that were passed on from one generation to the next. We did not want this for our children and desired to change. It was also about that time when we started hearing about homeschooling and meeting other homeschool families. We liked what we saw. After praying about it, studying it some more, we believed then that to homeschool our children is our family's calling. It's been seven years now since we started. It's not all good, there were so many difficulties and challenges. But we always say, despite all of the challenges we faced, homeschooling is still the best decision we ever made for our family.

Our Mandate
by: Wendy

Why we homeschool, and why I believe that every God fearing Christian should at the very least consider it, is that I believe it is a mandate for us to HOMEschool.

This is not a very popular thought for many and there are always hot debates going on about whether it is a "calling" or "command".

The Bible says that we need to "train a child in the way he should go..." - how can a parent be diligent in this if the child is spending 8 hours a day away from them surrounded by peers or in a secular environment.

The Bible also says that we need to teach our children the ways of God when we walk with them, sit with them eat with them (Deut 6:7) - when our children are away from us at school they miss these valuable interactions.

Believing that it is a mandate from God is also one of the reasons why moms can keep going when times get tough - and they do as you walk the homeschool path...if I believe that God has mandated this in my life, I hold onto Him to lead me and my family, which makes all the difference. has some very interesting articles on this topic.

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