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This is the place for homeschooling families to find new art lesson plans and ideas as well as the place to add your own homeschool art idea. Have a great art project and photo? Add it here!

Getting Creative with Art Lesson Plans

As homeschooling parents, we want to see our children express themselves creatively. For some children it is purely natural and our job is to refine their inate art skills.

For some children, we need extra art ideas! If you haven't seen the Art Sitemap page yet on my website, you might find that a good place to start. It lists ways to teach art, ways to develop art techniques, different elements of art and different curriculum such as Barry Stebbing, Artistic Pursuits etc.

Some children like it when we are more directive and explore a varied selection of art techniques to capture their interest and spark their creative juices.  We might need to put the chalk pastels in their hands and let them know it is okay to get their hands dirty. Touching and moulding clay, cutting out shapes, using a glue gun or working with crayons might come completely natural to some - but others may need a bit of coaxing and encouragement.

Perhaps you are an art lover yourself - and you can bring out the art talent in your child by just being an example and getting your hands dirty too! If so, share your ideas with us! Tell us what you've done to inspire your children and we can use your art lesson plan to inspire ours!

This is your opportunity to inspire other homeschoolers with your great art ideas.

Keen to see what others have done? Be inspired with these ideas below!

Schoolhouse Teachers Art Courses has a huge array of Art courses for different aged children. If you have a subscription to SchoolhouseTeachers - your whole family can take any or all of the courses for the year! 

Here's a few you might like: 

Mark Kistler Drawing Art Lessons

We have really enjoyed learning art with the Mark Kistler videos. 
He has a whole range on You Tube for free and you can also subscribe to his online art lessons.

Not only is his art work great and inspiring, but it is also very entertaining. We love his imaginative stories he creates as he draws. He talks all the way through his videos - it's quite funny!

We like to do one art lesson a day after our devotions. The first one downstairs gets to choose which lesson we do.  Here is one of Mark Kistler's videos you find on You Tube: 

Free Art Lesson Plans and Curriculum Guide at Concordia University

I didn't know about these art lesson plans until I heard about it from Tina from Dynamic Homeschool Plus. The lessons and free curriculum guide from the Concordia Universtiy are amazing! They have 10 art lessons per grade and each lesson focusses on a different artist. It gives you a description of the artist, work samples for you to look up, things to observe and then a great list of things to do. It is really well set out and all free to download.

Tina from Dynamic Homechool Plus has created some art lesson notebooking pages to go along with the Art lessons from Concordia. So altogether it is a wonderful free bundle - a valuable set of art lesson plans. 

Focussing on one artist per month and soaking in their work suits those who like to use the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling. 

Some Fun Extra Art Lesson Plans

Looks great and such fun!

16 Preschool Activities for Fall

Inspired by Meet the Masters

Bringing out the creative talent
in your child.

What Art Activity or Idea motivates your child to be creative?
Inspire us with an Art project that worked in your home!

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