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Barry Stebbing Art Lesson Plans for Homeschool Families

I have used both "I can do all Things" and "Feed my Sheep" Art Lesson Plans by Barry Stebbing and I have found them to be excellent. My children sometimes draw while I am reading aloud and these have been easy to use - good instructions and important techniques are covered. I have not used the DVDs, but I can see that these would really add to an art curriculum.

Although I haven't used it, God and the History of Art sounds very interesting and appealing - it is a 5 year curriculum!

I Can Do All Things

I Can Do All Things Bundle Package with 4 Instructional DVDs
By Barry Stebbing / How Great Thou Art

This was the first of Barry Stebbing's Art Curriculum we used. It's simple to use and teaches beginning drawing, beginning painting, and color theory. It is now also available as a pdf download.

It is geared at a young audience with tasks that young children will have success in doing which adds to their confidence. It includes colour as well as black and white drawings, shading, overlapping.

I Can Do All things PDF - CurrClick

Feed My Sheep by Barry Stebbing

Feed My Sheep, Text and Paint Cards
By Barry Stebbing / How Great Thou Art

This four year curriculum for ages 8 and up teachers the fundamentals of drawing, perspective, color theory, beginning painting, and more. Recommended one set of "Paint Cards" (#782021) per student. A set of 7 videos (#781022) plus the text goes lesson by lesson through the book.

This is also available as a pdf download from Feed My Sheep PDF -CurrClick

God & Christian Artists 

God & Christian Artists
By Barry Stebbing / How Great Thou Art

For years Stebbing has traveled extensively to teach art to homeschool students. Incorporating material and student samples from those sessions, this text provides a 69-lesson, one-year art course. Drawing and color theory are covered while exploring artistic periods and artists---Rembrandt, Fra Angelico, Millet, and others---who have used their talents to glorify God. Ages 8 to 13. 102 reproducible pages, spiralbound softcover.

This is also available as a PDF - God and the Christian Artists- CurrClick

God and the History of Art

God & the History of Art Revised
By Barry Stebbing / How Great Thou Art

Art historian Sister Wendy Beckett once said, "Looking at art is one way of listening to God." As your children journey through this 5-year curriculum, they're sure to hear God's voice along the way. More than 250 lessons blend art history with hands-on instruction in drawing and painting---and feature illustrations by homeschoolers. Includes 35 paint cards. Ages 10 and up. 454 reproducible pages, softcover.

Now available as a pdf:  God & the History of Art - CurrClick

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