Create your Homeschool History Curriculum!

What really makes a Homeschool History Curriculum?

Teaching Homeschool History is simple and can be tailored to suit your unique family.

This Homeschool History Sitemap gives you an overview as to how to teach history. You can use this page to entirely design your own history curriculum. I describe different approaches to teaching history, history resources to use - including books, homeschool unit study ideas and so on, as well as great project ideas for history and homeschool history curriculum you may wish to use.

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History Overview

Why study history? What are our goals?

Should we use a chronological approach to study history?

Read the History Overview here

Approaches used in Teaching Homeschool History

Homeschool History Curriculum and Resources

The DYH Homeschool History Bookshop lists my favourite read alouds, great reference books, history living books for different ages, history spinebooks, primary sources, hands-on-projects books, overview books and unit study materials through the different time periods. 

If you're keen to teach history, you will love this comprehensive coverage of the time periods - and as a warning to you.... you'll find that the study of history can take over your homeschool life! We did! 

It's great to start out with an exciting book which makes history come alive in the time period (also know as a living book - or historical fiction novel) - add in ancient Greece project ideas, renaissance project ideas or any history project ideas for the time period.  Then, live out the time period in a fun history day where you dress up, eat the food and show off what you have learned or what you have added in your own history notebook.

This is what makes learning history the best homeschool experience which the whole family can be involved in.

Fun History Day Projects

History really comes alive when you live it out! 

Have fun, be creative, make some costumes, plan a feast, invite some friends and live out the time period.

Play games of the time period, eat the food of the historical period being studied, write speeches and dramatic performances.  Above all, live it and enjoy!

Here are some links to history project ideas:

Homeschool History Curriculum

Studying history together can be simplified by using any of these home school history curricula. Over the years we have used many of these curricula as both a springboard for further studies or as a complete history curriculum. Click on the links below to find out more.

Another one of our favourite history guides are the Greenleaf Press History Guides - History for the Thoughtful Child. There are guides from the Old Testament to the Renaissance and Reformation and the last guides link to the Famous Men Books.

Historical Fiction Novels

Nothing beats reading wonderful history living books!  I have added living book lists under each time period as shown above, but also listed Henty books in chronological order on the link below.

Where to from here?

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