Homeschool History Curriculum Resources! Ideas to teach history and create your curriculum plan.

Design your own home school history curriculum

homeschool history

Teaching home school history is simple and can be tailored to suit your unique family.

This Homeschool history sitemap gives you an overview as to how to teach history. You can use this page to entirely design your own history curriculum. Here's how:

  1. Teach history from a Christian perspective - why study history in your homeschool?
  2. Find your homeschool history approach:
  3. History Project Ideas: choose your time period
  4. Complete homeschool history curriculum from curriculum providers.

Find an approach to teach homeschool history

Unit Studies

Using a Homeschool History Unit Study approach is very effective and can be done in a number of ways. History provides such wonderful content to easily create a unit study and you can choose to cover time periods, famous people, events, themes or topics. Read more about how to create a unit study around a history topic or theme.

Living books / Charlotte Mason approach to homeschool history

Charlotte Mason says, "Living books are not dry textbooks. They are filled with life and ideas that touch the heart and mind. They awaken curiosity; they do not dull our senses. "

Homeschool families can easily design their own living books curriculum to teach history by carefully selecting the best books. Here's living books reading lists for each time period. Read more about Charlotte Mason / Living Books History.

Use a chronological approach to teach history

How do you teach homeschool history using a Chronological Approach? And how does that work with multiple ages?  This page gives some suggestions on how to teach homeschool history chronologically.

Use a spine book to guide your history studies

Using living books to teach history is exciting and memorable and are a great way to live out the time period.  BUT... how can you keep the study connected- as a whole story?  This page gives you 3 answers as to why you should use a spine book and lists all the history spine books for each time period.

Homeschool curriculum resources in each time period

If you're keen to teach history, you will love these homeschool curriculum resources for each of the time periods - and as a warning to you.... you'll find that the study of history can take over your homeschool life! We did! 

It's great to start out with an exciting book which makes history come alive in the time period (also know as a living book - or historical fiction novel) - add in a history project idea and then, live out the time period in a fun history day where you dress up, eat the food and show off what you have learned or what you have added in your own history notebook.

What's the best homeschool history curriculum for each time period and which one may best suit your needs? Helpful questions on the curriculum page will guide your decision.

Homeschool history resources for each time period:

Homeschool history notebooks and notebooking pages

The beauty of notebooking pages as a part of your homeschool curriculum, whether it be History, Science, Music, Literature or Bible studies, is that it gives all children a great starting point.  Read more about history notebooks.

Fun homeschool history project ideas

History really comes alive when you live it out!  So, as you study different time periods, take your time, have fun, be creative, make some costumes, plan a feast and present it all to your friends.

Above all, live it and enjoy! Check out the history project ideas below:

Complete homeschool history curriculum

Studying history together can be simplified by using any of these home school history curricula. Over the years we have used many of these curricula as both a springboard for further studies or as a complete history curriculum. 

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