Fun with History Project Ideas - Ancient Egypt

History Project Ideas are such a fantastic way to consolidate the learning. After reading some excellent living books on Ancient Egypt, digging deeply in the curriculum, drawing maps and investigating the culture - you'll love to add in some history projects.

Heard about the Old and New Kingdom of Egypt and the Pharoah's crown combining the kingdoms?  It's time to make it.  You only need cardboard and some imagination.

This is the time that you explore, allow your house to be a messy place filled with cardboard bits, paper, pencils, tape, paint, glue and anything needed to allow the hands-on history project ideas to happen;

Our kids loved getting squashing the grapes when making 'wine' and preparing an Israelite Feast; 

 These fun times not only help the family to "live out the culture" that you've been reading about through a spine book or through one of the exciting read aloud living books, but it's also a wonderful way to build great family memories!

History project ideas for Creation - Ancient Egypt

Making models or salt dough maps are terrific hands on history project ideas.

These books below were useful for model making - the tabernacle, Solomon's temple as well as fun notebooking ideas.

Ancient Egypt and Old Testament Unit Studies

Are you interested in notebooking and making lapbooks? This product is  an exciting way to study Ancient Egypt and bring it alive with all  sorts of products.

Heart of Wisdom Ancient World Resources

The Heart of Wisdom approach is for all homeschoolers who want to make the Bible the centre of their homeschool day. Read more about The Heart of Wisdom Approach on my website.

Some Pinterest History Project Ideas for Ancient Egypt

More History Project Ideas here ... or add your own!

Add your Home School Ideas Here!

What's worked in your homeschool?

Pages to help you create your Homeschool History - Ancient Egypt Study

My Homeschool History Recommendations are collated on this page - going through all the time periods and buttons to send you right where you need to go. Enjoy.... Marianne

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