Homeschool History comes alive - Study Ancient Egypt!

When I first wrote about homeschool history resources for the study of Ancient Egypt - I had it all on one page.  One very, very, long page.  So, to help you out, I have divided it all up into categories.  This is the Overview Page and this page gives a broad idea on how to build up your own homeschool history resources and ideas to create your own study of the Ancients.  It also links to my homeschool history pages on Ancient Egypt;  History Curriculum Ideas, History hands on project ideas, living books, unit studies and fun things to make and do! 

We have always loved studying this exciting historical time period and I have added an overview of how you can create your own unit study or homeschool history Curriculum on Ancient Egypt. Check out the resources below.  We have used most of these resources ourselves.

Pages to help you create your Homeschool History - Ancient Egypt Study

Approaching the Study from Creation to Ancient Egypt - Overview

Begin your homeschool history with Creation

Ancient Egypt and OT Homeschool Resources

Since we are beginning with the 'beginning', our primary resource will be the Bible. You can read portions of Scripture alongside your study - Some Homeschool History Curriculum which would help you do this include Mystery of History, Heart of Wisdom Unit Studies, Tapestry of Grace Curriculum and others.

As you begin reading Genesis, you may decide to delve into a fuller study of Genesis, using either Genesis Finding Our Roots, by Ruth Beechick. She writes, " Our society desperately needs to find Genesis again. Studying this book wll help with that need. If you lead your family or class through these studies, you will give them a solid foundation for all subsequent learning, the basis for clear thinking, the true principles against which all important issues in life should be judged. The cure for fuzzy thinking is knowledge of the Genesis principles." (in the Preface, p5) This book uses the resources, Adam and His Kin and The Genesis Record.

Another foundational study of Genesis can be found in It all begins with Genesis.

Of course, at this time, children may ask all sorts of questions about  when they lived, why they became extinct and so on. This is a great time to explore that interesting subject from a Biblical perspective. Our favourite Dinosaur books are: Dinosaurs by Design, and The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible.

Whichever way you study the Bible, an excellent resource we have loved using is Victor's Handbook to the Bible. This gives you the cultural background to the passages - maps, pictures and extra information.

As you begin reading Exodus, begin your study on Ancient Egypt

As you start your homeschool history study of Ancient Egypt, you may decide to use a Spine Book such as the Greenleaf Series - Old Testament and Ancient Egypt with Study Guides  or Volume One of Story of the World.

Books which would enhance the study of Ancient Egypt are the Living Books listed such as -Pharoahs of Ancient Egypt, Tut's Mummy Lost and Found, Pyramid, Penguin Atlas of Egypt and DK Deserts, also a colouring book ( I love the Bellerophon books) is a great addition to the package.

Of course, to enrich the study furthermore, are the favourite read aloud books. These are the books which we have enjoyed reading together as a family. The latest we've enjoyed was The Golden Goblet, and also Gilgamesh the Hero.

While reading this book, we were able to discuss a number of important topics and also look at a culture which had forgotten God, even though it is described as one of the oldest stories in the world. How quickly mankind deserted their Creator. I've added this to the Read aloud page. See some questions we discussed here.

Older children may use Streams of Civilization Volume One as a base for their studies- read, summarize, write a context page and then search the primary sources for additional information. As they read the primary sources, they take notes and summarize this and use the information as the basis of an essay or writing. I have always found this an excellent resource.

For the older children, Historical sources other than the Bible can be found in James Ussher's Book, Annals of the World. This is a masterpiece. This comprehensive history of the world through A.D. 70 is an extremely useful book in which you can read about biblical events and how they fit into the secular frame of history. 

Another useful curriculum supplement that many homeschool families have enjoyed using, is Ancient History from Primary Sources by Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn. This book may be used in this way, "The student may read a section or a chapter from his history textbook then read from the corresponding sources listed on the "Timeline of Ancient Literature". A younger student (ten through twelve) may read those passages, then give oral narration, do copywork, or write from dictation. Older students (thirteen and up) may give assigned topics dealing with the sources." (p18.) Cyber Week Membership Sale

You can also create a time-line using time-line figures or just add your own characters into your History Book or Book of Centuries.

The historian of Jewish and Roman history, Josephus, sheds light on both the Old Testament and the New Testament in Josephus: The Essential Writings.

Lastly, in art, we have always enjoyed using Artistic Pursuits and making models such as the one on the Tabernacle.

Other interesting Ancient History Project Material can be found here.

Pages to help you create your Homeschool History - Ancient Egypt Study