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Art Resources

Art Resources - Art Living Books, Art Curriculum

Bible Resources

Bible Resources - Bible References, Bible Story Books, Family Devotions, Catechism, Apologetics

Language Arts

Language Arts Ideas and Resources for teaching Reading and Writing

History Resources

History Curriculum Resources - divided into Historical Time periods: Egypt, Greece/Rome; Middle Ages, Renaissance,

Science Resources

Science Resources: Nature Journaling, Field Guides, Living Books, Curriclulum and Textbooks, Experiments, Notebooking Resources, Unit Studies

Math Resources

Homeschool math curriculum Ideas - Living Books, Best Math Software, Math Curriculum, 

Computer Studies

Computer curriculum resources, Skills and Teacher Resources

Music Resources

Music Resources across the curriculum

DYH Resources

Homeschooling Resources and E-books which I have available.

Homeschooling Resource Recommendations and Commissions

Please Note: I am happy to promote certain books on my website because I believe in them. I think you'll love them as well. I take book recommendations seriously and so you won't find every homeschooling resource on my site. I will recommend those which I have either had first hand experience with (used and are on my bookshelf), what we are hoping to use, or what has been highly recommended from others.

Have you enjoyed my site? My goal is to help you design your own homeschool and if you feel like you've been helped in the process, you might feel like buying me a cup of coffee. Logistically, that probably won't happen, so if you have enjoyed the content on my site and appreciate the work I have done, feel free to buy any or all of your homeschooling resources though the links and search boxes below. I will receive a small commission when you purchase through these links. :)

Find Homeschool Curriculum Reviews here. I have asked specific Curriculum Providers to add a product descriptions. Now you can add your own review.

Do you have a favourite homeschool curriculum not listed here? Please send me a comment, tell me why it has been a favourite to your family, and I'll add it to the bookshop.