Ancient Rome Projects, Activities and Ideas

Hands on History Project Ideas when studying Ancient Rome

Step into history and enjoy Ancient Rome Projects and activities - an excellent introduction to the history and culture of ancient civilizations.

Are you concerned that your children are missing out if you're only reading about the historical events of Ancient Rome?  Tired of just doing bookwork and colouring in a map? 

For history to be interesting and enjoyable, I wanted my children to have insight into the culture of the time - not only by reading historical fiction novels, which draw you into the time period, but by adding in excitement with fun Ancient Rome projects and activities.

So, what fun Ancient Rome activities could you do?

Here's just a few ideas:

  • Costume making: make our own togas, soldier's cape, helmet, greaves, sword and shields; 
  • Food:  relax on cushions as you enjoy a Roman Feast;
  • Art: create mosaics of historical events, characters, scenes using various methods and materials: paper, beans, tiles etc
  • Activities:  invite friends and have a gladiatorial battle!
  • Learn about Roman legions - make swords and shields and learn to work in the 'turtle' formation;
  • Speeches:  rehearse speeches and give talks about a certain aspect of the Roman way of life;
  • Make your own Roman road using plaster of paris, stones and gravel - showing the different layers;
  • Investigate the cold case of the murder of Julius Caesar and present your verdict; In this children assess the facts, read documents to investigate the assassination.

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Resources to plan Ancient Rome Projects

So, how do you plan for these events and Ancient Rome history project ideas? 

The best place to start is the library!  We found a heap of books which are completely devoted to history project ideas for whatever time period you are studying.  We loved using the  Classical Kids Activity Guide as it has so many hands on history project ideas that are simple enough to do for young children.  

There are a variety of Ancient Rome projects in this book - spanning across a study of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

Timelines are a wonderful way to see all history at a glance and the timeline figures from Amy Pak help to visualize what happens at what time - the figures of history through the ages.

We have also used Veritas Press Cards to show events of history by pegging them on a string on a large empty wall in our home. 

Another way we have created timelines is just to get a roll of paper, simply add a black line with dates and then draw in characters, events as well as glue in pictures of events. It's such a great way to see the snapshot of Ancient Roman history and view different characters who lived at the same time. And it's free to do!

Project Password Ancient Rome Lapbooks & Activities

What an excellent way to study the Ancient Rome time period.  This great hands on "Project Password" from Homeschool in the Woods provides wonderful ancient Rome activities to do across 8 - 12 weeks. There are 25 'stops' which include a comprehensive study of Rome for the suggested grades 3-8.  All the Ancient Rome lesson plans and materials are included to create a number of lapbooks to create, 3 dimensional projects, maps, recipes and also includes dramatized audio tours.  It is all downloadable so you can get started straight away.

Ancient History Notebooking Pages

 Notebooking pages can be helpful to study any time period and what I like about the Ancient Roman notebooking pages is that it not only contains famous characters from Ancient Rome, but also monuments and structures, maps, wars and things peculiar to the ancient Roman time period. Using these history notebooking pages can be extremely helpful especially if you like to make Ancient Rome projects in the form of lapbooks.

These history notebooking pages are very comprehensive.  Click the image for more information and to be taken to the Productive Homeschooling site.

Free Homeschool Resources (Notebooking Pages & More!)

Pages to help you create your Homeschool History Ancient Rome Study

The DYH History Bookshop

If you love teaching history, and love books (do you have that problem too?) - then you'd love to see my serious recommendations for studying history in your homeschool in the DYH History Bookshop.  If you have a resource you'd like me to mention, send me a note.. Marianne