Saxon Math Curriculum for Homeschool

by Holly Smith
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

saxon math curriculum

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In Saxon Math Curriculum, students are taught new skills, concepts, and principles each lesson, which they continue to review. This unique "step by step" approach to math ensures that the students not only gain but also remember essential math skills. The daily practice builds the students' confidence in previously learned skills, while also including some new challenges. Saxon Math also improves students' mental arithmetic.

Each lesson in Saxon Math involves a self-taught lesson, a few practice questions, and a problem set of about 25- 30 questions. The primary through early high school textbooks also contain daily drill on basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts to help students know these off by heart.

Approximately every five lessons the student completes a test to review what has been learned.

Saxon Math is relatively easy to teach, and from about grade 4 up, students can teach themselves, with very little parental involvement.

Saxon Math is generally recommended for students from Grades 4/5 upward, as the earlier grades are quite expensive, and alternative programs may be more suitable.

Saxon Math includes a student textbook, an answer booklet, and a test booklet. All items are non-consumable.

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