Teaching Textbooks

"Teaching Textbooks is like a friendly tutor standing over your shoulder to help."

That is exactly the reason why we began using this homeschool math curriculum - Teaching Textbooks  years ago. As I was homeschooling a number of children, it was becoming more and more difficult to keep in touch with each one of them.

So, I bought Teaching Textbooks for my eldest sons and it has been wonderful for them and also for me.

What's in Teaching Texbooks?

Each level is a full year curriculum and consists of a consumable workbook, a print answer booklet, and CDs that contain step-by-step audiovisual solutions to every one of the thousands of homework and test problems.

    Text:  The text is written as consumable - but we don't write in the text - our children write their answers in an exercise book. However, having said that, if I would buy TT for lower grades (4-6) - perhaps it would be easier for them to write directly into a text.

    Lectures: The lectures are on CD and are a step-by-step audio visual of the lesson. The text backs up the lectures, so I ask my child to listen to the lectures (great for audio and visual learners) and then read the lesson in the text. My children also refer back to the text when they need to remember a step. (easier than going back on the computer - though that is very easy to do!)

    Solutions: There is also an answer key, a Test Booklet and Test Key as well as all the solutions available on the Solution CDs.

This was a huge reason why I bought the course and love it still! It has often happened that my child has worked through a given lesson (in another progam), but when it comes to checking his answer, he becomes totally stumped as to what he did wrong. He then asks me and I need to review, re-read the chapter (or previous chapters - to get up to speed).... and so on.

Why this Homeschool Math Curriculum is superior?

However, one of the reasons why this homeschool math curriculum is in my opinion, superior to others is that with Teaching Textbooks, all the solutions to all the problems in the book as well as in the Test Book are on the audio visual CDs!!

If your children don't understand what they did wrong and have checked over the problem themselves and still can't seem to get it - they return to the answer CD - find the solution and listen to a patient teacher explaining the method once again!

Do you want to be that patient teacher explaining the concept again for the 100th time in a friendly tone? Well, you can with TT!

The friendly tutor remains friendly!

Teaching Textbooks available at Amazon

Teaching Textbooks is a very comprehensive homeschool math curriculum which can be used over the years again and again by multiple children. I recognize that it is an expensive program, and depending on your families' needs and your child's ability, you may choose not to buy all the parts of the curriculum.

If you're finding it difficult to help all of your children with different ages - this may be your answer! It was mine...

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