Homeschool Vision Course - Is it for you?

We're almost ready to open the doors for registration!

We're almost there and I thank you so much for your feedback and contributions.  In just a few days, I'll be opening up for registrations and I'm really looking forward to meeting with you to discuss, plan and write out your educational goals!

Hopefully, you're fully aware of the importance of goals and you may have even tried to create a SMART goal as I set in lesson 1. 

If not, that's a part of what we're planning to do together. And isn't it more fun in a group anyway?  We're going to create an Action Plan with short and long term goals for your unique family and I know that this is going to be incredibly helpful step at any stage of your homeschooling journey!  

It will be great if you're just starting out - and if you're coming to the end, it may just be what you need to keep your attention for the home-run.

The upcoming Homeschool Vision Course is designed to help you plan your homeschool – from the big picture homeschool vision right to the specific educational goals.

In order to help you in a concrete way,  we will develop big picture goals and then continue to narrow the focus to the specific goals and see how it works out in your home - for your children.

The course will include:

  • a workbook, 
  • step by step lessons, 
  • email reminders  
  • personalized support from myself in the context of the new, 
  • private DYH Connect Group.  

Could it possibly work for me?

Here's some other families who have wondered the same question. Can I do it? Why do goals really matter? 

Read a few of the comments I have received:

Millie writes:

" Thank you so much!  It is an answer to my prayers and is helping me get my priorities into perspective. Seeing my children individually as God would want them, is helping me come out of the delirium of first time home schooling and confusion. This is what I needed, an outline with descriptive objectives to produce my own family home school."

Day writes: 

"We have been trying to sell our house for a couple years now and I have been in limbo, so much of the school stuff has been packed away and last year I hesitated to unpack a lot because I was SURE we'd be moved "this time" so we did the bare minimum for school. Now it's time to start soon again and we're still here. So I will have to head to storage and unpack some things. But I realize I've been relying more on my "set up" than just asking God to direct us without all the "stuff." So I think I need to get back to the "heart" of why we're doing what we're doing and not get so hung up on not having all my "stuff" out to do school "well."

Cris writes:

"Thank you so much for helping me realize why we should have goals and the top priority in setting up goals. I'm going to start to homeschool my son soon ..please pray for me."

What if I'm really busy?

I know that if you're starting homeschooling with a young family, the days are going to be crazy and you're most likely feeling exhausted. You might be wanting to put this off.. for a bit.. or indefinitely!! haha

Well - I'd just encourage you to drop other things in your life right now - and possible ask someone to help you out so that you can take needed time to make these crucial decisions. This Action Plan is going to help you set the BIG Picture goal  - something that you can laminate, display in your home and keep as a reminder when the days are long and the little ones are whinging...

Can you ask a very special friend to have your children for a few hours?  Can you make a date night with your husband so you can discuss, take notes and plan?  Can grandparents have a day out with the kids? 

I hope you find a way to make this happen for your own piece of mind and purpose in what you're doing. Believe me, it's going to be worth it!

What does it take to create a homeschool vision?

To feel confident in what you're doing, you need a plan. 

As a group, we're going to help you create a plan so that you can look at the future and know where you're headed.  You will have a simple statement which summarizes your overall vision and you will have broken that down into broad goals and into meaningful goals appropriate to the ages of your children.

On your wall, you will have a laminated version of what your family believes to be the goal worth following and year by year, you will move through the goals you have set.

You may be tempted, but won't need to be drawn to follow what others are planning as you can pick and choose materials that suit your aims. Your vision will be the statement you return to as you ascertain what you'll be doing and why.

At last, you will know why you're doing what you're doing!

Personalized help for you

I am personally so keen to meet you and help you step by step on this journey to create your homeschool vision!

I want to listen to what you want for your children, want to help you create a vision and want to do it in the context of the DYH Connect Group. 

So, keep your eyes on the next email I will send and come and join me for a wonderful time of reflection, where you think BIG and write bold, ambitious statements.

The "Homeschool Vision Class" is only going to be a small group

Just to let you know, I don't plan this to be a big group as I want to maintain the personal feel. I want to know you, your family situation and help you in a meaningful way, step by step to create something for the future ... so feel free to register your interest and any other questions or suggestions in the form below. 

(... and make sure you have subscribed to the newsletter!!)

See you soon, 


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