Create your Homeschool Vision Course

Class opening soon..

By creating your homeschool vision, you are setting out to have a plan - a set of homeschool goals of where you're headed.

This is going to be an incredibly helpful step at any stage of your homeschooling journey! 

We're really close to finishing off the "Create your Homeschool Vision Course" and it's going to be opened up at the end of September. 

The course will be entirely focused on creating your own Homeschool Vision. 

It will include:

  • a workbook, 
  • step by step lessons, 
  • email reminders  
  • personalized support from myself in the context of the new, 
  • private DYH Connect Group.  

Together, we are going to explore exactly what it takes to write your homeschool vison and goals and then do it - share it - comment - improve - and use it!

However, I need your help.

Before finalizing the course, I want to make sure that I have covered everything. This is where you come in.  Please take a few moments to answer this super short survey - there is really just one thing I want to ask...

What are your two TOP questions about creating a Homeschool Vision - that we absolutely need to answer in our course?

Thanks for so much for your help and valuable feedback.


Your Help is Needed

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