Our Christmas Baubles 2017

Making Memories with Christmas Baubles

This year, using Christmas Baubles -  I decided to add a new family tradition for Christmas.  Not a new idea - but one that my homeschooling family friend has been doing each year - and I love the idea!

I wish I had begun it earlier as I would expect that the range of baubles and Christmas decorations would be so varied. 

Unique People: Unique Christmas Baubles

The idea is that each year, you give a Christmas Bauble to each family member. The bauble is a memory of that particular year and is an expression of what they have been doing through that year.  

This year, I decided to add items into the Bauble, but you could also decorate the outside of a bauble or even give a small decorative trinket which highlights each person and is an expression of them over that particular year. 

Choosing Items

The first thing I did was to collect a whole lot of random bits and pieces which described each person. It was a trip to the Dollar store and discount shops to find little pieces which matched their character and interests. 

Some things I picked up were: 

  • bandaids
  • LED lights
  • tiny paper pattie pans
  • a tiny whisk
  • cotton balls
  • small surgical items like steri-strips and cream
  • wiring and old hard drives / computer components
  • an old violin string
  • sheet music
  • printed excerpts from I Corinthians and Esther
  • a take-away cup from Ben's cafe
  • a business card

Making them fit the Bauble

Next, I had pleasure in cutting up bits and pieces (like graphics cards) and takeaway coffee cups and inserting it into the Christmas Bauble. 

I needed to make sure they were able to enter the small neck of the Bauble.

One of the Baubles, I decided to add paint and swirl the colours to signify the colour of the company my eldest son works for.

I added a date to the bottom of each bauble to remind ourselves of the year it was created.

The Uniqueness of each Christmas Bauble

As each person in the family is so unique with their different interests, likes, dislikes, ambitions, trades and quirkiness - I tried to show this in the uniqueness of each bauble. 

When I handed them out to be hung on the Christmas tree - we had to pick which person each bauble belonged to. 

When they have their own families, I hope they can take home their unique baubles for their own Christmas collection.

Can you guess my family members?

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