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Step Seven: Finding Homeschool Groups in Northern Territory

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If you are homeschooling in Northern Territory and looking for a homeschool support group, you are on the right page.

Local homeschool groups meet to provide a place for support and encouragement.

This page is designed to help you find a local homeschool support group as well as other information providiing government requirements for homeschooling in the Northern Territory.

If you run a homeschool support group, (either according to location, special interests, religious convictions, a co-op or casual picnics) and would like your group to be listed, please enter your details on this Homeschool Groups Directory page. This will be greatly appreciated by new home educators looking for support on what can sometimes be a lonely road. Thanks.

Home Education Registraion Northern Territory

  • Home Education Northern Territory - information on the registration process, policy and guidelines

  • If you wish to educate your child at home in the Northern Territory, you must complete and return an application form. Interim approval may be granted, provided the application is completed adequately, and will remain in place throughout the approval process. Children should not be removed from school until interim approval has been granted in writing.

Homeschool Groups in Northern Territory, Australia

Where to from Here?

1. Set your home school goals

Homeschool Goals

2. choose your curriculum

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5. design your home school approach

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6. plan and organize your home school

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7. be encouraged and find support

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