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Planning your meal times and using a menu planner

When you're homeschooling, you are not only educating your children, bringing them to activities, running errands, going to the library etc - but also feeding them!! How do you keep it altogether?

When you get asked the inevitable question, "What's for dinner?" ... how do you answer? ... 

Well after using this menu planner - you will have an answer!

Be as organized as you possible can be!

This Meal Planner guide will help!

It's hard to think ahead of what you'll be eating each meal especially when there are so many other decisions you are making all day. So, I find that if I have made my decisions, especially about what our main meal will be and planned accordingly for it - my life actually becomes simpler. 

It means that I don't have to consider it on a daily level. I know before hand and I have shopped for it so I know that I have all the ingredients in the house. 

I can even work out a list of our favourite meals and then place them into a year schedule, repeating the favourites across the month, allowing room for take-away and also adding in new menu ideas. 

Using a menu planner, I can also check off the needed ingredients for the weekly grocery list and have my children involved in the shopping. If spaghetti is on the list, I would look down the "meat" column and check off "mince". I would check off spaghetti pasta, diced tomato, passata, onion, vegetable that I would add.  That way when I come to make it - I have everything I need.

Being a homeschool mum means that I like to see the 'educational' side of everything, so the shopping excursion then becomes a lesson - life skills, bargain hunting, math - changing ratios when comparing food items, keeping in a budget and more.

It also means that you will save money as you will be cutting down on take away meals and save time by not needing to re-visit the shops during the week.

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What is included in the Printable Menu Planner?

There are a number of printable sheets within the Meal Planner file including :

  • example pages
  • meal ideas charts (example and blank)
  • place to add new recipes with instructions
  • five weekly meal planner with example.
  • generic grocery list
  • grocery list pages for 5 weeks
  • Menu templates to add in your own weekly meal ideas

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