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These Bible-based textbooks by Rod & Staff Publishers are designed to make the child God-conscious. This curriculum not only teaches the Bible but uses many illustrations of how Bible principles can be applied in everyday life. (from the Rod and Staff website)

Rod and Staff Curriculum covers a range of subject areas and are packaged into grade levels.

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Rod and Staff English Textbooks (visitor review)

Michaela from the Gold Coast writes:

I found Preparing to Build book great, as it teaches the concept of a sentence as the expression of a complete thought.

Other workbooks/curriculums that my child has used in the past jump around and don't teach a solid foundation like this book does.

It teaches nouns, verbs, pronouns, and adjectives without the added frills. I've learnt a lot so far, as I never had a good grounding in English.

I like how it uses Bible stories or characters when possible, so it's very wholesome. 

Also, because you work from a text book and it lasts a whole year, it's very inexpensive. 

You get a LOT for your money!

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