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Are you still in your pajamas?

There's plenty of funny memes of home school kids and parents!  

The reason memes are funny is that they portray something which is unique to a certain group of people. It's true that at times, as home school kids - you'd feel somewhat unique and different. But I'd like to encourage you to think positively about that.  Although you might find it tough some of the time, (as it's hard to go against the norm), I think it's worth celebrating!

Home school kids hear the same questions again and again, like:

  • I bet you can wear you pajamas all day!
  • Do you have friends?
  • Why aren't you at school today?
  • Do you go out?

It might be annoying and frustrating to explain yourself, but it is also healthy to laugh at yourself  and not take yourself too seriously!

Here's some pics and a short description of home school kids just like you! Click on the picture to go to the description and the gallery view.

Home School Kids Gallery Pictures

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Home School Kids

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My name is Ben and I like organizing History Days. I have organized a World War I History Day and a Colonial and Revolutionary day. Also with our family we organized a Medieval feast. I also like making board games.

I am Genevieve and I'm 10. I love reading books and I am in a book club at our local library called "Reading Rampage". The two best books I have read so far are My Sister's a Popstar, by Kimberley Greene, and The Garbage King, by Elizabeth Liard.

My name is Ben and I love Books, Science, Sport, Climbing trees and Lego.
I have a family of 6 including myself. I have 2 brothers and a sister. My friends and I made a club called "Pirate Pig Lego Club" and we make up challenges and projects.

Hello, I'm James.I like Star Wars and Indiana Jones. I also like watching AfL. Go for Essendon!I read books 24/7. I am Homeschooled. I write lots of stories and I have made a Star Wars quiz of 100 questions.

I'm Talitha and I'm 7.I like reading, and I really like reading Narnia stories. I like adventure stories and mystery stories but sometimes I like stories when people invite other people and they have tea parties. I like Pippi Longstocking too.

I am Micah and I am nine years old. I like playing soccer and table tennis and I like playing roller-blade hockey.
I like games and these are my favourite games: UNO, Cards, Guess Who? and Trouble.

For my birthday I got a ski trip, but unfortunately the weather report said that there would be gale force winds nearing 125km/h and that it would be advisable to stay indoors and keep pets and children away from windows!

Hi my name is Lawson I live in NSW .....
I home school and it is the best type of schooling that you can possibly have!

My name is Joel and I am 11 years old. I like playing games with balls. I like playing with paper planes and I have made some really good ones. I like catching butterflies. I have caught the biggest butterfly in Sydney. I made my own net. This is our baby rabbit.

My name is Elijah, I am 8 yrs old. We are in our second year of homeschooling and its going pretty well so far. I liked school when I went but I like homeschooling better although my teacher can be pretty tough to please!

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