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Standing for the “old-time religion”, BJU Press (Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum) has made a name for itself with their commitment to traditional Christian beliefs and strong academic standards.

Engagingly comprehensive, newly updated, and always grounded in Scripture, Bob Jones Press' homeschool curriculum has educated thousands of students who have gone on to later success.

Indeed this is what most homeschool families really love about Bob Jones Homeschool curriculum. The dedication to a Biblical perspective and a solid Christian worldview.

Their comprehensive teachers’ guides give mothers a helping hand with detailed lesson instructions and answer keys, while their student textbooks contain a wealth of colorful photographs, illustrations, graphs and content that fully integrates a biblical worldview with academic life. (from

Bob Jones Writing Curriculum

Many families who use Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum - love it especially for their writing program. Many people come to dislike writing because so many programs fail to teach it well. Bob Jones, in contrast to other homeschool curriculum providers, shows the student various ways to approach the writing and encourages different techniques and methods that work for each individual child. 

The books have tips for writing, a sample piece or model, revising and proofreading checklists - which make it easier to understand what is required. 

Bob Jones is Comprehensive and Complete

The Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum is a complete textbook and video curriculum. 

You can buy resources for children from age 3 - to year 12. You can buy each subject separately or buy the whole year at a time. 

There are also video lessons which is a part of their distance learning online solution. 

From the BJU website: Parents who have homeschooled know that grading, organizing lesson plans, and keeping track of student records is a time-consuming process. With BJU Press DLO, quizzes and tests are accessed online and are graded instantly, saving the busy parent valuable time. All grade books and records are conveniently stored on the web and can be accessed anytime.

Here are some examples of what the Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum covers.

Year 1 Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum

The BJU Press homeschool curriculum for Grade 1 includes a phonics curriculum and reading lessons to help your child grow in reading comprehension. Other subjects teach handwriting, spelling, addition and subtraction, measurements, early American history, and the scientific view of God’s creation. Each Bible lesson from BJU Press Bible Truths helps your child learn to trust God and rely on Him.  Bob Jones Website: Year 1

Year 5 Bob Jones Curriculum

 For grade 5, BJU Press textbooks emphasize reading comprehension, math practice, and hands-on science projects. Grammar rules are reinforced as the child writes short essays and business letters. Heritage Studies 5 describes the period of American history between the flight of the Wright brothers and the Vietnam War. Your child will experience biblical truth integrated across disciplines, see godly character defined, and learn man’s place in God’s creation.  Bob Jones Year 5

 Year 8 BJU Curriculum

Students using BJU Press homeschool curriculum for 8th grade will cover lessons from the lives of Old Testament characters, a comprehensive survey of American history, and a fascinating look at Space and Earth Science draw your child into a new realm of learning, while Pre-Algebra eases the transition into higher forms of math. Communication is emphasized through grammar instruction, writing projects, and themed studies of literature. Bob Jones Year 8 Complete Curriculum

Year 12 BJU Press Curriculum

In preparation for college education, grade 12 courses from BJU Press focus on preparing the student for independent, biblically-informed decision-making and effective communication. Physics takes high school science to the next level of research and application, while a study of American history and government prepares the student to be a responsible citizen and voter. Advanced math concepts, an exploration of British literature, and increased writing instruction hone critical thinking skills for the demands of college courses.  Bob Jones Year 12 complete curriculum

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