Boba Fett

by James
(Sydney, NSW)

Boba Fett

Boba Fett

This story I wrote in 2008. It's fairly good, though declines rapidly near the end. One of my favourite stories.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett landed the Slave One on the landing pad Jabba had reserved for him. Being Jabba the Hutt's favourite bounty hunter meant he was all over the planet Tatooine on missions. As the Slave one came down Boba remembered the Hutt's booming voice. He had said he had an off-world mission for Boba and suggested that he re-fit his weapons belt and ship, but he had insisted that boba do it with his own credits (money). Boba had upgraded himself with two meter long flexible Vibroblades hidden in his leg armour, eight KR7-SON wrist rockets, a 16 litre jet-pack and a laser rifle. His ship had now more than 20 hidden weapons.

Boba walked out of the console and approached the Gammorrean guards at the gate of Jabba's palace. They grunted approvingly at his Mandalorain armour and let him through. Boba walked down corridor and heard Jabba talking to another bounty hunter.

"Unless Boba Fett returns within the next 5 hours, his off-world mission will be yours," Jabba said. Boba heard a voice that he recognised, the bounty hunter Bossk!
"I will be most honoured to take his mission, Jabba the hutt."

Boba had heard enough, he strode into the throne room where Jabba was.
"No one is going to take my mission," Boba said in a cold voice.

Bossk looked darkly at Boba and drew his blaster. Gunfire erupted around the room. Boba shouldered his rifle and fired at Bossk. The volley of laser fire missed Bossk and shattered the window. Crouching, Boba flicked a pack of 80 credits towards Jabba. Bossk stood behind Boba and Boba sensed it. He spun around and fired a wrist rocket at him. Bossk was blown of his feet, and shattered another window as he fell to the ground.

Boba heard a whine of a speeder. He was surprised that Bossk could be up that fast. He looked out the shattered window and there was IG-88! IG-88 was a mechanical bounty hunter. He was sitting on a speeder and there was Aura Sing! A fierce woman bounty hunter. She was dragging Bossk on to the speeder. As soon as Bossk was on the speeder she ran to another speeder near by and took off. Boba walked towards Jabba.

"My mission?" he asked. Jabba chuckled.
"I want General Grievous dead; he has been disrupting my trade routes. He blew up 600,000 credits worth of Ore that was in a bulk carrier worth 1,000,000 credits!" Boba grimaced, the robot sith, General Grievous had 8 lightsabers and his 2 arms could split into half making 4 arms each capable of holding a lightsaber.

Boba turned down the corridor and out the gate. The Slave one was waiting. Boba hopped in and took off. He set his trip for the general's starship. When Boba came into real space there was a massive air battle! Suddenly an ARC-170 star fighter raced past followed by 2 vulture droids firing rapidly. Boba zoomed in to the battle trailing a droid. Suddenly the slave one shuddered and went into dive. It was in a tractor beam and it was sucking him in to the general's ship! The slave one landed in the hanger, Boba raced out of the ship. Five droidkas rolled in and Boba rolled a thermal detonator between them. It blew up and the droids went flying. Boba ran towards a passage and shot a few battle droids who were stupid enough to get in his way. The room on this passage over looked the prison block and the screens told Boba the readout of the whole ship. He downloaded it on to a data pad, "Might come in useful," he said and walked back down the passage. He had gone down the wrong passage but at least he got a readout of the ship.

In the hanger some super battle droids had found his ship and were guarding it.

"Blast!" said Boba and snuck in a doorway.
"I could blast them but it would set of an alarm or I could..." he stoped mid sentence. Two Jedi Interceptors, one red the other yellow were careering towards the hanger! The yellow one was in front and he landed first, if you could call it a landing. Boba could now see that they were crash landing. Yellow slammed into the floor and smashed through it. Into the floor below it which was conveniently, for Boba a training area for general grievous elite bodyguards, Magma Type II.

The super battle droids walked in front of the hanger door and fired at red, red crashed into all the super battle droids and into a doorway of a passage and was wedged in there.

"Crazy," muttered Boba. The pilot of red was climbing out. He had a lightsaber, a blue one and so did the yellow pilot who was crawling out of the side of his newly made hole. His ship had exploded and destroyed all the guards. Reds name was Obi-Wan and yellows, Anakin Skywalker. They stood in back to back as some battle droids surrounded them. Their was a lot of them so Boba rolled five thermal detonators in and but suddenly the whole ship started falling and the thermal detonators exploded just and Boba reached his ship. He took off into space, hovered and watched the ship fall and explode. He blasted of to Jabba's Palace to collect his reward which he expected to be a fair bit.

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