Easy Science Experiments - the WOW! in your Homeschool Science Curriculum!

Looking for some easy science experiments to 'WOW!!' your kids? Or even better, for your kids to 'WOW!' you?

Here are a heap of cool science experiments to get you going and also some free science projects on video for your homeschooling family to watch and do.

Most of these link directly to  pdfs of free easy science experiments written by Aurora Lipper from Supercharged Science. They are filled with great detailed explanations and are free to print off and use with your kids.

  1. Volcano Science Projects
  2. Top 10 Air Pressure Experiments 
  3. Cool Bubble Experiments - from tiny to gigantic bubbles!
  4. Making Crystals Experiments 
  5. 9 Fun Laser Experiments to share with your kids
  6. 9 Light Experiments to share with your kids
  7. Roller Coaster Physics - super cool science experiments and ideas
  8. Simple Machine Experiments to share with your kids
  9. Cool Science Experiments with Slime

Free Videos of Cool Science Experiments

These free videos (usually worth $15) give you step-by-step instructions for doing some cool easy science experiments with wonderful results!

static electricity experiments
  1. Astronomy Tour of the Galaxy Kids will get a front-row seat in a planetarium-style star tour presentation to help them understand galaxies, black holes, and why Pluto was crossed off our planet list.
  2. Catapults Kids will build a working catapult while they learn about the physics of motion and how to store energy.
  3. Chemistry Polymers and chemical kinetics. Kids will cross-link long chains of molecules (called polymers) to create a glow-in-the-dark slime to help them understand molecules, states of matter, and how it all fits together.
  4. Electricity Electrons and static charge. Kids will build a simple electrostatic motor to help them understand how like charges repel and opposites attract.
  5. Sound Vibrations Kids will build a musical instrument that uses resonance to help them understand why sound is made and how it travels.
  6. Hovercraft Friction and air pressure. Kids will build a working hovercraft to help them understand how friction changes with different materials, and how an air cushion can make it really easy for things to move.
  7. Light Waves Light waves and bending light. Kids will build a microscope and telescope to help them understand how lenses bend light to make things appear larger and smaller.
  8. Magnetism Magnets and magnetic fields. Kids will bounce magnets to help them understand where magnetism comes from and how magnetic fields interact with each other.
  9. Rocketry Chemical reactions and pressure. Kids will build a working model rocket to help them understand Newton's Third Law of Motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  10. Roller coasters Energy and motion. Kids will build a long roller coaster track, complete with jumps, loops, and corkscrews. They will get the chance to learn about the physics of motion and how energy is transferred.
  11. States of matter Matter and atoms. Kids will form the fourth state of matter while they take a look at how matter and energy interact with each other.

Let's have a look at some cool kids science experiments. Here are 2 free science experiment ebooks to get your kids hooked!

Free and Easy Science Experiment Books

Science Experiment Guide ($30 value)

kids science experiments

This experiment guide includes:

  • Over 30 complete cool science experiments...
  • Defy gravity as you levitate water
  • Crush a soda can using a few drops of water
  • Make an indoor corkscrew roller coaster
  • Stick your kid inside a real bubble
  • Grow crystals overnight
  • Create and crack your own geodes
  • Build a flying machine that shouldn't be able to fly at all
  • ...and much more!

Your kids will be so jazzed about science that they'll be begging to learn more. Click here to get the Free Science Experiment Guide. This eBook download comes bundled with the Rocket Scientist Newsletter, which includes a weekly free science experiment in your email box.

Free Science Activity Manual and Videos

easy science experiments

Science Activity Manual and Video Collection ($30 value)

Cool science experiments! Did you know that you can bend light to make objects disappear? Make the fourth state of matter in your microwave? Build a speaker from a plate? You can do all these activities and more in our free Science Guide!

Simply click here to download a copy of the Homeschool Science Activity Manual & Video Guide. Save it to your computer - it's in PDF format. You can also link directly to the file itself.

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