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All of the series below will help your family to recognize the famous melodies from
famous musicians. They use different approaches, but all of them help the homeschooling family to explore and appreciate classical music through interesting approaches.

Maestro Classics - Appreciating Famous Musicians

The Maestro Classics is a great series which features sophisticated performances with the London Philharmonic Orchestra with appealing, fun-filled stories for children, both educational and fun.

Each CD comes with a 24-page program booklet which includes biographies, interesting information on a variety of related subjects, both musical and non-musical, and is illustrated by a noted artist or children’s book illustrator whose work reflects the spirit of the music.

I also love the website as it gives free sheet music, puzzles and games plus curriculum ideas to bring music into all curriculum areas. An outstanding product at a very reasonable rate.

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Classical Music Magic 

homeschool music resources

I bought this series a while ago and I am very impressed. The first day we listened and sang to Vivaldi's Four Seasons, my young homeschool music resources son made a beautiful powerpoint presentation using lovely spring photos from our own digital albums. We're humming and singing it all day!

Marjorie Kiel Persons decided to write educational, fun lyrics to some of the most beautiful melodies of classical music. Her pupils from Pre-K thru highschool quickly learned the themes and retained them. They impressed their parents by identifying Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and other composers in cartoons, commercials, or music in the mall. They were asking parents to buy CDs of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" and other favorites. The four hard cover, library quality books with CDs are organized by musical periods to give historical perspective. Read more written by the author on my site here and add your comment..

Beethoven's Wig CDs 

Zany lyrics set to the greatest hits of classical music provide a fun foundation for classical music that will last a lifetime.

Filled with fact and fancy about the world's most notable composers and their compositions, Beethoven's Wig is the perfect blend of high brow and hijinks, lunacy and learning. It's a great way to incorporate the melodies of the famous musicians with some zany lyrics to help you remember them.

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