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Mariannne has kindly asked me to write a few words for her site about my Australian History Homeschool resource, so here goes....

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Australian history pictures and narratives

From me to your family (smile)

I have been a homeschooling mum for the past 7 years and L O V E history, I have enjoyed so much exploring the fascinating and wonderful stories and pictures that are available for world history with my son and daughter.... BUT!!! .... there just was NOTHING of a similar nature available for Australians about AUSTRALIAN HISTORY. So, after having been immersed in all the wonderful pictures and well written tales of world history I was determined to draw and write some for Australians about our part of the world. After all, shouldn't every child know his OWN country's history!

This is the first set of pictures which cover the first 100 years since European settlement. It is made up of a set of photocopiable black & white drawings/scenes that children can learn from and colour as they go AND each picture has a rhyme and/or notes as well to read. The narratives are additional lively stories to read aloud while the children colour.

HOW TO USE: You can use the pictures and rhymes on their own, photocopy, and have the children colour, cut out and place them into project/history notebooks, and read and share each one together. (the set comes with a step-by-step EASY LESSON PLAN in case you need it) and is available in hard copy or on CD.

Another way to use these pictures is to look people/events up in the index/contents page or search on the CD. Eg Eureka Stockade came up on an excursion the other day so this week we will read about that one and we are planning a trip to the goldfields too so we will look up the 'gold' pages and see the huge nuggets they dug up and how they lived and mined. Then we will add cut outs, information and photos from out trip (you don't have to do all this of course, just illustrating how you can use the resource).

NARRATIVES: Also available are the first 3 'Lively Narratives with Activities' which are stories with instructions for copying and colouring the pictures as you go. These are entitled The Great Southern Land; Imagining the Aborigines and Finding Australia; AND there are more underway! Two longer stories, one about Australia's early colony and one about Australia and New Zealand's turbulent and exciting shared history. Did you know for instance, that New Zealand was originally part of Australia's first settlement?

AGE FOR USE: These pictures are so informative that they can be used at a simple visual level for young children, perhaps enlarged for colouring/painting and poetry to read aloud, choose the easier topics and save the harder concepts for the older years, you can always come back to it later . As well, right up to high school level they can be used as they are used for springboards into further internet/library research etc. For projects on Aborigines, settlement, bushrangers, exploration and discovery even poets and the arts. They don't have to be coloured of course.

How would you like your children to learn about their own country's history? .... From a text book or from the scenes and stories, the lives and happenings of our fascinating past, for the aim of my PICTURES of AUSTRALIAN HISTORY is to bring history and learning to life for everyone!


Description written by Janette Cassey Ingham

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