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We are homeschooling in a time of growing homeschooling online courses. They are varied and target different audiences as well as different subjects. Have you used Thinkwell Homeschooling Online Courses? If so, we'd love to hear what you think.  Add your Curriculum Review here.

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by Vivienne Fox
(Central Coast NSW Australia)

Thinkwell produces homeschooling online courses for highschool level and up in a number of different subject areas. We have used several courses in the maths, covering Pre-Algebra, Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, and Pre-Calculus.

Our son, Jeremy, now aged 15, has found these courses really fantastic, and our daughter Sophie has done half of Pre-Algebra, and is also enjoying it. As minimal help is required from us they are a great help to a family by freeing students to work at maths on their own.

Each lesson begins with a short 5-10 minute lecture/demonstration featuring Professor Ed Burger, who has a great sense of humour. Often our younger children will sit with Jeremy watching the video lecture simply because it is so entertaining.

Following the lecture there is an exercise containing a number of questions to be answered (these can be reviewed as required). Some are multiple choice, and some are free answer. Jeremy does the working out in a gridbook, and then puts in the answer. Answers are marked instantly, and an explanation of how to do that problem correctly is provided. At the end of each Unit there is a Practice Test (able to be taken as many times as you wish) followed by a Test (to be done only once).

Notes are included and there are several features for keeping track of student progress, obtaining support etc. Each course is purchased as a subscription for a year, and we have found the Thinkwell staff to be extremely supportive and helpful, when we have contacted them.

Although the American maths curriculum is different from that used in Australia, it is very thorough, and covers a similar variety of material, not only algebra and calculus as the names imply.

Thinkwell online courses may be seen at www.thinkwell.com (including sample lectures), and we would highly recommend them.

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