Indiana Jones and the secret of the Emerald Spear: Part 1

by James
(Sydney, NSW)

This is a story I wrote in 2009.

Indiana Jones and the secret of the Emerald Spear: Part 1

Indy walked towards the Emerald Spear. It glowed an eerie green and he was amazed that he had made it this far with all the traps. The falling floor, the crushing blocks and the pit of fire.

"But their must be one more trap." Indy said. He picked up a stone and rolled it along the ground. Bang! Two blocks of stones crushed the rock. It was very much like the trap his old rival Dr. Forrestal was killed in, but with out the spikes.

He drew out his bullwhip and skilfully lashed it out and the end curled around the spear.

Bang! Thud.

The stone blocks had caught his bullwhip and the spear had clattered to the floor.

"Stuff this thing," Indy muttered angrily and kicked the stone blocks, which for some reason had not opened again. But the stone blocks toppled over!

"Weird thing," Indy said as he picked up his bullwhip.

Indiana's father, Dr Henry Jones had heard rumours of an extremely powerful spear which was made entirely of emerald. He had told his son and of course Indy took up the challenge. He had picked up Mutt, his friend who had helped him get the Crystal Skull of Akator.

Indy walked down the passage with the spear and hoped Mutt was still their waiting for him, and he was.

"Come on. Let's go before the others come," said Mutt.
"Like who?" Indy asked.
"Like Dovchenko."

They ran down to the truck, hopped in and drove off.

"Tricky?" Mutt asked.
"Oh, just the usual, like pits of fire, falling floors and a stupid and annoying stone block," Indy explained.

"What's the spear like?"
"Supposed to slice through any thing it touches."
"Careful, then."
"Oh, I will!"

"Hang on!!!"
Mutt sped up and raced along the track at breakneck speed.
"Why so fast?" Indy yelled over the noise of the engine and putting the spear on the back seat.
"Look behind you," Mutt yelled back.

Indy glanced at the rear view mirror.
"Blast! I hate those guys. They always turn up!" he exclaimed.

Behind them were five trucks with machine guns manned by Russian soldiers firing at them and a jeep with Colonel Dovchenko and Irina Spalko.
"They certainly do always turn up." Mutt yelled back.

"Stay here!" Indy yelled again. "I'm climbing on the roof and don't drive like a maniac."

A round from one of the machine guns hit the truck, throwing Indy out the window.
"Indy?" Mutt yelled.

When Indy hit the ground he lashed out with his bullwhip and it snagged the tail of one of the trucks. "So much for a plan," he muttered.

Dovchenko yelled to the crew of the truck that Indy snagged. "Shoot him, now!" Bullets ricochet around Indy as he hand over hand climbed along his whip and finally reached the back of the truck; he was now to close to be shot. So the Russians grabbed a sword and slashed at Indy. He grabbed the one man by the shirt and shoved him of the truck. Then he swung the machine gun barrel around knocking of the rest. Indy steadied the gun and fired at another truck. It exploded. Then he shot at the jeep and it cannon rolled off the incline. "That's that, I suppose," said Indy.

Despite what Indy had ordered, Mutt had been driving like a maniac, dodging bullets and when Indy drove up to him and jumped in. Indy watched the driverless truck collide into the three other trucks and explode and fall off the incline.

"That was too close," said Mutt.
"You can say that!" answered Indy.
"There is supposed to be a secret of the spear." Indy picked it up. "A great secret."
"It might lead to a another treasure, one much greater." Mutt said.
"I'm taking it to dad. He'll know what to do."

Colonel Dovchenko and Irina Spalko had fallen down the incline, which lead to the Russian camp.
They badly wanted the spear and they would get it.

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Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Emerald Spear: Part 2

by James
(Sydney, NSW)

This is the sequel to Indiana Jones and the secret of the Emerald Spear: Part 1. I wrote it in 2009.

Indiana Jones and the secret of the Emerald Spear: Part 2

Indiana and Mutt pulled up at the Jones house, and his father walked out,"Junior!! I thought you'd got lost," remarked Henry.

Mutt looked at Indy quizzically. "I haven't, but look at this," Indy answered, "and don't call me junior."

"It has some markings on it. Um, Tanis, second map room will lead you.." read Henry.

"The Tanis map room!! But the second map room?" Indy exclaimed.

"What are you talking about?" Mutt asked.

"Oh seven years ago I went to find the Ark of the Covenant. To find it you had to stick a pendant on a pole and the light would hit the pendant and shine on the ground of this underground map room, which was a miniature of the actual city, and that was where we found it." Indy explained.

"That's cool." said Mutt.

"I'll ring Sallah," said Henry.

"Who is Sallah?" asked Mutt.

"The best digger in all of Egypt." Indy answered.

"You know him?"
"Can I stay the night?"

Just then Henry walked out and said,"Sallah's expecting you."

The next day Indy and Mutt drove to the airport and boarded a flight but some one was following them. Irina Spalko! Colonel Dovchenko had already flown to Tanis with thirty Russians and was planning an ambush. She followed Indy and Mutt with great care not to lose them. Hours later they landed.

"Watch out for Dovchenko and his men, I'll bet they have setup an ambush." Indy warned.

"You bet they have." answered Mutt.
"Do you always have to repeat my words?"

When they came to the baggage counter a suspicious green spear was sticking out of a piece of baggage.

"Blast," Indy muttered. It was his turn. Um, the bag with the thing sticking out of it. Suddenly Irina Spalko ran behind the counter and grabbed Indy's bag.

"Not her again," muttered Indy. "Stay here. I'm going after her. Get your bag and follow me," he yelled to Mutt.

Indy ran after her. She grabbed a pistol out of her belt and fired, narrowly missing him. He lashed out with his whip and it wrapped around her wrist; she dropped the gun and the whip slackened, and then fell off. She pulled out a sabre.

"How did she get that past customs?" Indy remarked. He soon knew, alarms sounded and Indy glanced at the customs. The man, who was supposed to check bags, was slumped over a bag.

Indy lashed out again with the whip and it wrapped around her ankle. Spalko fell and slid along the ground trying to grasp the bag, and then Indy heard, "Wait for me... Indy."

But he didn't stop for Mutt; the customs guards had now just reached Spalko, as Indy picked his bag up and coiled up the whip. The guards were dragging Irina away.

"You got the better of me, but you won't get the better of Dovchenko," she yelled at them as they walked out the door.

The heat hit them walking out the door. "So Dovchenko is planning an attack." mused Mutt.

"Sounds like it. Oh there's Sallah," said Indy.

"Good to see you again Indy. Oh and who's this?" called Sallah.

"My name is Mutt." Mutt called back. "Good to meet you," Sallah said as they reached him.

"We've got to get to the map room," Indy remarked to the astonished Sallah.

"Why?" Sallah said back.
"Oh you'll see. Let's stop at that café there. said Sallah.

Little did they know that Dovchenko was waiting in the café for Indy, with Russian troops!

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Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Emerald Spear: Part 3

by James
(Sydney, NSW)

Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Emerald Spear: Part 3

Indy, Mutt and Sallah walked down the street to the café. They walked in and ordered a meal and sat down.

"So why do you have to go to the map Room?" Sallah asked.

"I've got a spear and dad said that it says Tanis, second map room with lead you and so I think that there's another map room."

A shadow fell on the trio.

"You're coming with me, Indy." Dovchenko said.
"Oh, OK." Indy said coolly.
"You're acting cooler than you are smart."
"OK. What do you want?"
"I want the spear, now." Dovchenko said and was now pointing a hand machine gun with a scabbard on it at Indy.
"I see your point." Indy answered brushing the scabbard away.
"The spear, Now!!!? he yelled.
Indy's hand was slowly creeping towards his gun.

'Just buy more time.' he thought.

"Jones, give me the spear?" Suddenly in front and behind Indy, were Russians with machine guns.

'You can get the spear from them later,' Indy thought. "OK. Here it is." Indy was now ready to shoot. "Good and goodbye."

The Russians loaded their guns and Dovchenko ran out the door. The room exploded into chaos, bullets flew everywhere. Indy jumped on the table and shot three guards.

Then he yelled at Mutt, "Welcome to Egypt," and to Sallah, "I hope you brought a getaway car?"
"In fact I did." Sallah yelled.
"Out the window!"
They jumped through the window and smashed it. They fell into a car, in the drivers seat was Sallah's oldest son Rarby.

"Crash landing," he remarked. "Step on it Rarby." Sallah said, "How did you know we would need a getaway car?"

Indy said,"You always need a getaway car?"
"Do I?" Indy looked at Mutt.
He looked at Indy then they both looked at Sallah. "I just come prepared." he said.

At Sallah's house, Indy remarked, "Rarby you're a life saver."
"Oh, I just like an excuse to drive like fifty miles an hour over the speed limit."

"Oh no!" A few police cars parked outside the house. "Out the back door, " said Indy. They ran out in to the backyard which was a dirt square and climbed over the fence.

"My car is out the back and dad's out the front." said Rarby. "You two know some tricks." Indy said as the piled in the car, "Let me drive."

Rarby grinned, "I didn't know you liked fast driving." he said. They shot off.

"You're crazy Indy! You're going one hundred and forty miles on a twenty mile an hour road!" Rarby yelled.

Mutt yelled at Indy, "Where are you going now?"

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