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Latin for Children is my favourite Latin Curriculum for our homeschool family. Read why. 

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When we first began Latin studies, we first used Latina Christiana. At that stage there was a teacher's manual, student book and a "tape" for pronunciation.

Latina Christiana 1

Latina Christiana 1: Introduction to Christian Latin, Student Book

By Cheryl Lowe / Memoria Press

A beginner course for all ages, but designed for students as young as 3rd grade. Vocabulary, systematic grammar, exercises, and Latin sayings are featured in each lesson. Also included are prayers, songs, history lessons, and games which add interest and motivation. This one year course is designed for parents and teachers with no Latin background.

Homeschool Latin Programs have come a long way since then.

Latina Christiana was a great choice at the time and worked well for my older two boys. They moved from Latina Christiana into Henle Latin.

However, due to being stretched for time, I began looking for something which was more student friendly which would free me up as the teacher. I was so pleased to find Latin for Children.

Latin For Children, Primer A DVD Set

Latin For Children, Primer A DVD Set

By Dr. Christopher Perrin / Classical Academic Press

Five hours of video instruction featuring author Christopher Perrin teaching his two daughters at home. Each lesson features chanting and singing of vocabulary and paradigms along with clear grammatical explanations by Dr. Perrin. The actual text from the book appears on the screen as the girls chant and sing their vocbulary and paradigms, making it easy to follow along. Three DVDS, 5 hours total. Each lesson (averaging 15 minutes) corresponds to the weekly chapter in the LFC Primer A. 3 DVD's plus 2 Chant CD's. Integrated with Shurley Grammar.

Latin For Children can be used with children in grade 3 and has three levels. An instructional DVD includes children and is directed to the children. There is a Textbook and an Answer Key. The text includes grammar and vocabulary, derivative study and worksheets. There are Latin flashcards (pdf) which you can print off for free.

Latin For Children, Primer A Text

Latin For Children, Primer A Text

By Dr. Aaron Larsen & Dr. Christopher Perrin / Classical Academic Press

Latin for Children Primer A is an engaging, incremental and creative text designed for students as young as 3rd grade. It contains clear explanations, illustrations, exercises, tests and a useful reference section. It also contains a wealth of mnemonic aids (songs, chants) to assist mastery of vocabulary and grammar. This primer features a crisp, classical look that is professionally designed. Version 3.4.

There is also a fun game called Latin Flash Dash which is helpful to check vocabualry retention.

Latin for Children also comes with a History Reader and Activity Book for each level. I have not used these parts of it. I am sure the History Reader in particular would be a great addition to the Latin program. The Reader corresponds to the stories on the Veritas Press History Cards.

Latin for Children A History Reader

By Classical Academic Press

This Latin History Reader is designed for use alongside Latin for Children, Primer A. 15 stories are included about ancient Greek and Roman history; vocabulary and grammar is integrated with the Primer A. Chapters include numbered sentences, a glossary, and response questions. Answer key available online. 56 pages, softcover.

Each chapter begins with a maxim, chant of a conjugation or declension, new vocabulary words and a grammar lesson, derivative information or a unit overview. There is a worksheet page and a pre-quiz.

Both Latina Christiana and Latin for Children are excellent elementary homeschool Latin Curriculum. They both include Latin grammar, vocabulary and derivative studies. They both need drill and practice. They both have instructional videos for the children to watch. Latina Christiana is scheduled to use with the Famous Men of Rome, and Latin for Children History Readers are written to go with the Veritas Press History Cards.

Every child is different. My children have loved to see the instructor teaching his own children, and then listen to their responses, listen to their chants and fun antics. Both Latin for Children and Latina Christiana are serious about teaching Latin and prepare the elementary student well for further studies in highschool.

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