Learning Language Arts Through Literature

by Willemien Kruger

Potchefstroom, South Africa


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English is our home's second language and I have used this product for nearly 4 years now. Learning Language Arts Through Literature has been developed with the purpose of teaching English grammar, spelling and a whole lot of other concepts by using literature - they are doing it well!

Although I do not necessarily let my children do every little aspect as prescribed (it can become a bit repetitive), I appreciate the types of concepts they have thought of which one do not necessarily think of eg. Units on Poetry (good), Newspapers (haven't though of that...), Oral presentations (of course!), Journal and story writing (interesting), Research (WOW!) etc.

There are also usually 4 reading books (as Book Studies) included with each year's Grade book - my children have enjoyed these a lot! I do however supplement English reading with a selection of books myself, but overall I am very satisfied and will recommend Learning Language Arts Through Literature (LLATL) to anyone.

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