Online Violin Lessons - perfect for homeschool families

Online Violin Lessons? Could this really work?

Well, with today's amazing technology - our world has changed significantly. In your home, at your time, with parental support and coaching, violin lessons can be taught online.

Have a look at the Violin Course from

The course by Nancy Blue starts with instruction on how to buy a violin and take care of it. It moves to tuning your violin, holding the violin, and learning the scales. From there, the course advances to playing simple songs, using many lessons to also instill a solid foundation in faith with the music the student is learning. The lessons should be followed in order, as the difficulty increases as the course advances.

Although learning the violin may seem to be an extremely difficult task, it is possible for children to learn how to play well in the comfort of their own home by spending merely ten minutes a day.

You may want to consider online violin lessons.  

For homeschooling families and stay at home moms, an online violin program is ideal because it does not require countless exhausting trips finding the ideal teacher. Nor does it depend on the teacher. It also eliminates the drama of performing under pressure. In the comfortable presence of your own home, with the parent as the coach ( the parent does not need to be able to play in order to teach this course), the child can learn effectively.

A while ago, we would never have considered learning an instrument without a 'real' teacher, however due to appropriate technology, these online violin lessons make learning the violin a real possibility in your home, at your time.

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