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by Cheryl Denton
(Auckland, NZ)

Our visual reference libraries of sewing techniques are the perfect way to teach your older children to sew. The Australian curriculum is tending towards building practical skills in children and this is a great skill to learn.

With our DVD sets you can be confident to take on any sewing task and along the way your children will learn the correct and best ways to piece together garments.

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Essential Sewing Techniques

sewing techniques


The ultimate library of essential techniques. The 61 Essential Sewing techniques are set out in a unique A-Z menu system. Each lesson is shot over the shoulder and the filming and teaching are crystal clear.

Students in New Zealand are already using this resource and finding it a tremendous resource to have. Hundreds of tips and sewing techniques are taught in the collective 11 hrs of training.

stretch fabrics

STRETCH FABRICS – Sewn the Easy Way

Those tricky stretchy fabrics can be a curse to sew but they are so versatile and with so many beautiful fabrics to choose from it stands to reason to learn how easy they can be to sew.

Just a few of Marlene’s pointers and tips will have you sewing these up in a jiffy.

sewing techniques

Evertyhing you need to know about OVERLOCKING

Using an overlocker can be a huge time saver.  Get to know your machine and it’s capabilities.  It can do much more than we often imagine.

Take control of the overlocker's various knobs and tensions.  Find out how to adjust your machine to work to it's best. 

'First class' visual demonstrations make these lessons easy to watch and understand. 

sewing techniques lingerie


 ..and why shouldn’t you make your own beautiful lingerie pieces – bras, panties, half slips & negligees.

This DVD comes with a FREE Soft lacey bra pattern – so quick and easy to make.

More information from the Essential Sewing Skills Website.

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