Star Wars Quiz

by James
(Sydney, NSW)

This is a quiz that took me about a year to write. I have also put the answers on this web site. If you jot down the queston number then your answer you can check your answer against the real ones and comment on how many you got out of 100. The record is 14 out of 100 by my brother Anthony. This could be beaten so have a try. Also if you think an answer is wrong, please comment on it.

1. What are the names of the two Sith that nearly defeated the Republic in the Sith War?

2. These two Sith nearly defeated the Republic, What happened that stopped them defeating the Republic?

3. What are the information storing devices that Jedi and Sith use to store there secrets?

4. Where are most of these devises in the Prequel Era?

5. There were two Sith Lords after Sith War called??

6. They set up Sith Temples all over a planet called??

7. A distinctive place on that planet was a valley called??

8. What was Darth Banes former name before he became a Sith?

9. What was a Darth Banes former job before becoming a Sith?

10. Before Darth Bane was a Sith his unit in the Sith Army was called??

11. Who took Darth Bane to the Sith planet?

12. What was the top student at the planet before Bane came?

13. What was this student?s species?

14. How many students did he kill there?

15. Where did the Sith lord Kaan and all of the Brotherhood of Darkness go to fight a Jedi army?

16. What was the commander of this Jedi army?

17. What was the army of Jedi called?

18. Why did Kaan and his Brotherhood of Darkness go to the planet that the Jedi army were stationed at?

19. Where did Darth Bane to find Kaan and his followers trying to set of a destructive weapon?

20. What was this weapon called?

21. There was a struggle for power in the early days of the Republic between two Sith Lords called??

22. One of these Sith couldn't grab the power and crash landed in the planet??

23. On that planet the Sith Lord built huge??

24. The other Sith landed on the planet??

25. That planet was the centre of??

26. Name one Sith lord that was trying to escape the Thought Bomb, but was destroyed?

When was?/Event Names

27. The Battle of Hoth??

28. Rise of the?? Sith

29. The Jedi Academy established on??

30. The Grand Admiral Thrawn Crisis was in the Sith era or the New Republic era??

31. The Formation of the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order?? (Hint: the scale of time is in B.B.Y eg. 30 B.B.Y)

32. Sith?? War

33. The Battle of Geonosis??

34. The Battle of Nabbo??

35. Great?? War

36. Creation of the Empire??

37. ?? the Hutt born

38. Trade?? Established

39. Battle of Endor??

40. Start of the Clone Wars??

41. ?? Hyperspace War

42. Yuuzhan?? invades the Galaxy??

43. Battle of Ru??

44. Foundation of the New??

45. Rebels build base on Hoth??

46. Battle of Yavin??

47. Birth of the Skywalker twins??

48. Death of Anakin Skywalker??

49. Fall of the?? Empire

50. Great?? War

51. This planet is quite isolated and near the unknown regions, it starts with an R and from space it looks red??

52. Name the three planets on the early Detour on the Corellian Trade Spine??

53. Name the two planets on the end of the Corellian Way??

54. What planet is right next to Geonosis??

55. What planet is right next to Coruscant??

56. According to C-3PO where is he going to end up??

57. According to Leia on the Death Star where is the rebel base ??

58. On all Republic space charts the planet?? Always has the label last known position why is this??

59. Which planet is which region is thought to be impenetrable??

60. Name two planets in the Deep Core??

61. In the first Episode of clone wars T.V series what planet is Yoda on??

62. What planet is below Kashyyyk if the unknown regions are on your left??

63. On the Kamino what flying Creatures do the Kaminoans ride??

64. The Separatist Shuttle is designed to look like a??

65. Oraconda Farr comes from what planet?

66. Nute Gunray approaches Oraconda Farr and he becomes a??

67. What is the name of the Ewok that jumps on an imperial speeder bike in Ep.VI?

68. What is the name of the Chief in the Ewok Village in Ep.VI?

69. What colour is the armour on a Senate Commando?

70. What modifications has Anakin made to his Y-Wing in the Clone Wars?

71. One type of Separatist tank has a nickname roller who supplies these tanks?

72. What colour markings does a clone pilot have on their helmet?

73. What in the insignia on Obi-Wan?s Jedi star fighter in Ep.III called?

74. One ship in the Rebel Alliance is Mon-Calamari design what is this ship called?

75. What colour is the Briefing Room in the ship in Q74?

76. I am a ?? like my father before me- Luke Skywalker

77. The ?? is shaped like a thorn.

78. What two Characters are in all the movies??

79. Luke Skywalker marries who??

80. How many sons did they have??

81. What are their/his/her name/s??

82. Mara Jade is killed by whom??

83. This person then takes the name of Darth??

84. How does Anakin get the scar across his eye??

85. Commander Fox has markings of what colour??

86. What is Nute Gunrays?s species??

87. Who was in a coma for sixty years??

88. Jango Fett is killed by whom??

89. Name two Mandalorians??

90. Anakin's mum is called??

91. Yoda exiles himself on??

92. Chewbacca is a what according to Princess Leia??

93. Rex in Clone Wars has one or two blaster/s??

94. Who is hired to assassinate Padme??

95. What are the Nabbo's starfighters called??

96. What colour lightsaber is Anakin given during the Battle of Geonosis??

97. How many Wing fighters are there?? (Eg. X-Wing?.)

98. Has Han Solo handled a lightsaber??

99. What is Darth Vader flying in the battle of Yavin??

100. This whole quiz is about Sraw Rats, how is this possible??

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Answers for Star Wars Quiz

by James
(Sydney, NSW)

Here are that answers. Remember to post your results and please be honest. Also if you think you find any wrony answers please comment on them. This quiz is not copied. I know 98 of them of by heart! The other two are hard to remember.

1. Darth Revan and Darth Malak.
2. Darth Revan sided with the Republic and became a Jedi.
3. Holocrons.
4. In the Jedi Archives on Coruscant.
5. Lord Kaan and Lord Qordis
6. Korriban.
7. Valley of the Dark Lords.
8. Des
9. A miner
10. The Gloom Walkers
11. Lord Qordis
12. Sirak
13. Zabbrak
14. 2
15. Ruusan
16. Lord Hoth
17. Army of the Light
18. To Attack them
19. In the caves of Ruusan
20. The Thought Bomb
21. Ludo Kressh and Naga Sadow
22. Yavin 4
23. Temples
24. Zoist
25. Sith Empire
26. Lord Githany
27. 3 A.B.Y
28. New
29. Yavin 4
30. New Republic era
31. 25,000 B.B.Y
32. Civil
33. 11 Years after Battle of Nabbo
34. 11 Years before the Battle of Geonosis
35. Hyperspace
36. 20 years before A New Hope
37. Jabba
38. Federation
39. 6 months after Empire
40. 11 Years after the Battle of Nabbo
41. Stark
42. Vong
43. Ruusan
44. Republic
45. 2 A.B.Y
46. 0 A.B.Y
47. 19 B.B.Y
48. 4 A.B.Y
49. Sith
50. Sith
51. Rattatak
52. Hoth, Andat, Bespin and Varonat.
53. Nubia and Corellia.
54. Tatooine
55. The Empress Teta System
56. The Spice Mines of Kessel.
57. Dantooine
58. Raith Sienar and Tarkin invaded from space knocking Zonama Sekot of orbit
59. Vulpter in the Deep Core
60. Vulpter and Byss
61. Toydaria
62. Ruusan
63. Awair
64. Bug
65. Rodia
66. Separatist Leader
67. Paploo
68. Chief Chirpa
69. Blue
70. Yellow paint job and a one person gun turret
71. The Corporate Alliance
72. Yellow
73. Open Circle
74. Home One
75. White
76. Jedi
77. Sun Crusher
78. R2-D2 and C-3P0
79. Mara Jade
80. One
81. Ben Skywalker
82. Jacen
83. Caedus
84. Ventress
85. Brownish red
86. Neomodian
87. Jadak
88. Mace Windu
89. Jango Fett and Boba Fett
90. Shimi Skywalker
91. Dagobar
92. A walking carpet
93. Two
94. Zam Wessle
95. N-1
96. Green
97. 5
98. Yes
99. A Prototype X-1
100. Sraw Rats is Star Wars backwards!!!

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