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 Your Complete Homeschool Planner - DIY! E-book ... 

Now ready for your 2016 - 2017 school year! All 2016 and 2017 calendar and additional pages included!   $9.95US


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Even if you're not quite ready for the 2016-2017 school year to start - you can print your DIY planner and you'll just have this general warm feeling that - YES! I'm getting organized ... I can do this!

Your Complete Homeschool Planner - DIY! is the answer for your homeschooling planning needs. Take the weekly stress out of organizing assignment checklists and meal ideas. The time that you spend NOW ... will be time you SAVE through the whole year! Each week, your efforts will be rewarded as you open your planner, enter details, take note of menus and grocery lists.

Download and use any of the Homeschooling forms to create your own unique planner. Print it, Bind it and it will help you keep on track and focussed for the whole year! .....

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What's included in the Complete DIY Home school Planner?

Household Planner Forms-

  • Weekly Activities and Routine Chart for Mum
  • Daily Routine Chart (for Mum)
  • A weekly Chore Schedule
  • Weekly Meal Ideas
  • Weekly Shopping List
  • A Generic Shopping List
  • Zone Areas for cleaning
  • Address page.
  • Calendar Pages - 2016 and 2017
  • Choice of 3 cover pages in Portrait design
  • Both landscape and portrait possibilities for all planning and calendar pages;



All Your Homechooling Needs-

  • Timetables and Schedules
  • Appointment and Activities page
  • Assignment Checklists (for multiple children)
  • Weekly Assignment Charts
  • Daily Assignment Charts
  • Booklists for multiple children
  • Address List
  • Notes Page
  • To Do Lists
  • Ideas page
  • A4 pages, both landscape and portrait ... and more.....

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Your Complete Homeschool Planner - DIY! is absolutely complete with forms for all your homeschool and household needs.

But it is more than that!


DIY  Home School Planner - written as a Guide

Your Complete Homeschool Planner - DIY! is written as a guide. It is written to help you plan and design your planner. It gives you advice on how to put it together, how it can be arranged, how you can get organized and how to use your planner. First, when you open your planner - go to the Landscape pages and you will find a descriptive guide helping you make decisions and choose what would work for your family and how to use this organizing tool.

Open Plan and Lined layouts

Also ... the Complete Planner - DIY! has Doodle Pages especially designed for those who like to brainstorm and mind-map. Some people prefer to work inside tables, others like to think visually in open spaces. Your Complete Home school Planner allows you to do both.

Landscape and Portrait Options

And... Your Complete Home school Planner - DIY! comes in both landscape and portrait format. Personally, I like to work in a landscape format and have my planner open on my desk. But, others may prefer to work in a Portrait Homeschool Planner.

It's your choice!

Suits a range of Homeschool Approaches

Planning forms for different Approaches - DIY!

Also, Your Planner - DIY! helps you to plan whether you like to write the details in at the beginning of the week or alternatively, record your learning experiences at the end of the week. I find myself doing a bit of both throughout the year and depending what we are doing.

There are pages which suit the Charlotte Mason approach, Unit Study approach, Tapestry of Grace and other History-based homeschooling and Textbook approaches.

Whichever way you approach homeschooling, the planner can be made to suit your needs.

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Alternatively, you may not really know what pages you would like in your own planner or how to go about creating one. Perhaps you're looking for a ready-made, ready-to-go planner. 

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