Homeschooling Resources to help you
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Looking for homeschooling resources to help you design your homeschool plan?

Over the years of homeschooling, I have built up a collection of helpful homeschool ideas and homeschool printables. This page is a reflection of the Homeschooling Resources and E-books which I have available for you to purchase from

Some are there to help you design your curriculum, plan your year and record student's learning.

Others are language arts ebooks helping your children love literature and learn style from the great authors.

Also some history notebooking pages and a fun car schooling idea in the Travel Games ebook.


Complete Homeschool Planner 2017-2018 DIY Planner. Print what you need.

Homeschool Planner Options

DIY  Planner


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Not sure what is best for you?  Read more about the Homeschool Planner Options here.

Language Arts Ebooks

The Hobbit


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PLUS Printables


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Descriptive Writing


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Modeling the Classics - Aesop's Fables

Aesop's Fables - Bundle E-book

Aesops Fables Language Arts Ebook

Read more about the Aesop's Fable Bundle here.

Manuscript Bundle


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Cursive Bundle


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D'Nealian Bundle


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Aesop's Fables - Individual Ebooks

Top 100 Travel Games For Kids

As homeschooling families, we find ourselves in the car, either enjoying out-of-season holidays or on field trips.  So, our repertoire of kids travel games has been tried and true. We have played a lot of kids travel games – things you can do in the car with varying ages.

These 100 fun travel games for kids (really for the whole family...) games have been divided into categories:

  • Numbers/ Math Travel Games
  • Word Literacy Travel Games
  • Guessing Travel Games
  • Radio Travel Games
  • Geography Games
  • Miscellaneous Travel Games
  • Crafts and Activities


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Famous Men PLUS Notebooking

The Famous Men of the Middle Ages E-Book contains the excellent text of "The Famous Men of the Middle Ages" by John H. Haaren and A.B. Poland.

The text covers more than 30 famous men.

It also contains notebooking pages to cover all the characters.

Using the text and simple notebooking pages your children can create a wonderful keepsake, a treasured history notebook containing their stories from history.


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More Helpful ways to Create Independent Learners

Individual Learning Contracts 

Individual Learning Contracts for Homeschooling


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Our Family Vision Statement

Our Family Vision Statement - setting Homeschool goals


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My Homeschool Recommendations


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