Homeschool Printables

Are you looking for homeschool printables?  This page is especially geared towards printables which could be downloaded and printed off, as well as editable printables- ones which have been created to be added into, printed and then used again.

Editable Homeschool Printables 

The editable printables below can be downloaded and then data can be typed in via the editable pdf form. Once completed, you can print it off and then use it again.

  • Booklists - edit this booklist for your children and add a monthly booklist
  • Weekly Assignment Charts
  • Weekly Assignment Charts for 2 children
  • Calendar pages for 2016
  • Timetable in 30 minute blocks

Customize the Booklists

Buy these Booklists for your children and then type directly into the form. Print it off and start again each time. You can use this as a booklist per term. Add in the books which you would like them to read over the term or month and create a new list when it is completed.

Compass Booklist

Type directly into this Booklist

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Scrapbook Booklist

Customize your Booklist

Cost: $0.95

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Dream Booklist

Type into the Booklist and print

Cost: $0.95

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Customize these Homeschool Schedules and Checklists

Use these downloadable forms to make your homeschool schedules and weekly assignment charts. You can type directly into the form once you have downloaded it and print what you've done. Begin again and type in the assignment for your next child.

It can be used again and again and will help keep you organized from week to week and term to term.

Editable Family Schedule (2 pages)

Weekly overview
Mon-Fri Schedule

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Weekly Assignment

Assignments - large

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Weekly Assignment -2

Assignments - 2chn

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Weekly Timetable

Weekly schedule 30mins

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Editable Complete Homeschool Unit Study Planner

Your Complete Unit Study Planner - templates to help you design your Homeschool Unit Study.

So... you're a 'Designer'!

That's great! 

This Unit Study Planner will help you design your own unit study.

Using my step by step pages on designing a Unit Study - you will love using the templates within the Homeschool Unit Study Planner.

These Templates will help you brainstorm under subject headings, brainstorm the theme and sub-topics, add a topic overview using different template ideas, list activities, list your books and resources and add ideas and activities into weekly planning pages - over 1 page or over 2 pages.

Editable Unit Study Planner

Introductory Price:  $4.95US

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E-books containing Homeschool Printables

These Homeschooling Language Arts Ebooks, Aesop's Fables, Hobbit E-book contain printable handwriting worksheets around the model being studied; These are available in both printed and cursive fonts; Also included are lined printable pages for various ages - some with dotted third printable writing paper;

These Language Arts Ebooks also contain beautiful illustrations from the model that is studied. The illustrations are either border the page or at the top or bottom of the page.

The illustrations are in both colour and black and white, allowing it to be a printed colouring page.

Homeschool Language Arts Ebooks

Language Arts Lesson Plans from the Hobbit

The Hobbit PLUS Illustrated Printables

Modeling the Classics - Language Arts Lessons from The Hobbit has more detail and includes spelling lists and grammar study in the ebook. This book is scripted and written to the child.

Modeling the Classics PLUS Printables

Read more here.

The Hobbit Illustrated Ebook Purchased as a Package (The Hobbit Ebook PLUS Printables)

Cost: $14.95US

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Aesop's Fables Bundles

This new Aesop's Fable Bundle Ebook uses the same ten step approach to creating integrated lesson plans from a fable. The Bundle E-book  is between 150 - 180 pages and is available in 3 fonts - Manuscript Printing, D'Nealian and Cursive and contains:

  • Language Arts Lesson Plans based on Fables - A Step by Step guide...
  • 5 Fables
  •  An Outline of the approach....
  • Copy work Pages (either Manuscript/ D’Nealian or Cursive).....

Town Country  Mouse

aesops fable Town Mouse and Country Mouse

Bundle of Sticks

aesops fables ebook

Milkmaid and Her Pail

aesops fable printables

Teaching Descriptive Writing

In this ebook you will find excellent models of descriptive writing, followed by questions which help the reader identify the author's techniques. Then, using graphic organizers, the student creates his/her own descriptive writing based on the model.  Apply the same techniques to all sorts of literary passages and continue teaching descriptive writing on your own.

Read more about this Teaching Descriptive Writing Language Arts Ebook.

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