Step Two: The Home school Curriculum and How to Design Yours

Thinking through educational goals and homeschool curriculum takes time.

This is the second step in really thinking through designing education for your family. Once you have contemplated those big picture goals in your mind, you will be better prepared to write out your own homeschool curriculum - or your particular course of study.

What is "The Curriculum"?

Basically, your homeschool curriculum is your course of study. How do you know what to include? Well, that is Step Three - The Subjects where I list skills etc in each subject area.

To design your homeschool curriculum - you need to consider what goals you have for the subject (Step One: big picture goals), how you would teach it (Method) and the resources (Materials) you can use. Here's some more concrete examples of what it may look like.

Remember, you need to design it for your family - this is just an example.

Title: Home School Curriculum (Course of Study) for Your Family


(The course you design consists of a variety of subjects that you decide are necessary for your children to know. It is not set in concrete, it is a guide and you will find that as your children grow the course will develop to accommodate their interests.)

Our Family's Educational Goal:

The goal in educating our children is to raise………….....

This is where you write in the goals you have just been working on in Step One - Setting Educational Goals.

Design Your Bible Curriculum

GOALS:  Write out the big picture of what you want for your children to know.

METHOD: Reading the Bible together; Devotional books; Memorizing Scripture.

MATERIALS: Materials that may help us do that- The Bible; Bible Dictionaries; Bible Atlas; Study Guide; Curriculum that teaches systematic study of the Bible; Catechism, Songs and Hymns..

Design Your History Curriculum

GOALS:  Write out the big picture of what you want for your children to know.

METHOD: Reading living books in time period; locating places on maps; memorizing dates; learning art history with the time periods;

MATERIALS: Materials that may help us do that- Living Books in Historical time periods; History curriculum; maps; time lines and time-line figures etc.

And so on...

Your Home school curriculum is not the set of books you will use or the publisher you prefer. It is the entire course you design to fulfill your goals. It is made up of all the courses you intend to teach (Bible, Math, Science, Art, Business Skills, Computer, Homemaking, Car Repairs..) and specific goals within those courses.

It is determined mostly by what you as a family consider to be the important goals of your family, as well as designing space and time to alter and add to your list according to the individual children you have.  As time goes on, you will discover that their interests come to the foreground and this is where you can really encourage them in their own personal life goals, strengthen and build upon their gifts.  Let me tell you that the list we compiled at the beginning, does not look like what we do now.  However, I still believe it was a valuable exercise to 'think' things through and not just go through the motions - or just take a curriculum because someone else was using it.  Make it yours! - and be flexible!

The materials you select are there to help you - to be your servant - to fulfil what you have planned (as a unique homeschooling family), to achieve.

Where to from here?

 In the next step, Step Three you can gain a general overview of each subject area, understand the skills in sequential order and view specific materials and curricula within each subject area.

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Some people prefer not to re-invent the wheel and try pre-packaged curricula. This may be a suitable option and if you would like guidelines on how to choose pre-made curricula, please check out the link below.

Go to Guidelines for choosing curriculum

Check out Curriculum Descriptions Here... Add your review!

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