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Hey Kids!

This is the place to add a journal about your life - your hobbies, your home school adventures, your family;

You can add one page or you could make your own mini-site!  You can also add photos and then show it off to your friends and family.

What could you write about?

  • Your family
  • Your hobbies
  • Sports
  • Projects
  • Home schooling Ideas
  • Excursions
  • Add a writing or a poem
  • Show off a drawing or art work!
  • Whatever you like!

Name your own mini-site!

                      You can name your Journal - "Mike's Marvels!"
                           or "Tim's Tips" or "Melissa's Gallery" ...

You can add to the Home School Kids Gallery in two ways:

  1. Add a single page in the boxes below. Add any of the ideas above, add a photo and submit your page. That's it! 
  2. Make your own mini-site. It will be your own personal Kids Gallery. You know when you visit an Art Gallery or a museum - you visit all the different rooms. Well, you can do the same here. First build a page just about you (fill in the boxes below to do that) - that's like the entrance or the home-page of Your Gallery. When that is built, you can add more pages about your life, ideas, thoughts, excursions, projects, holidays... For your readers, it will be like walking through a gallery of your life and the life of your family and all these pages will be linked to your homepage - Your Gallery!

    It might sound tricky to do..... but it's not! All you need to do is add one line into the large box below: "Make this page into My own Home School Kids Gallery homepage". Just copy and paste this line in. Then continue to type your story and that's it! It will be made, sent to me for review, and built!

These kids  above have built their own Home school Kids Gallery already:


Hey Kids
Build a page or
Build your own mini-site!

Tell us about yourself - your favourite activities, hobbies, projects, sports, ideas, plans and your family!

What Other Visitors Have Said

Click below to see what your visitors have said about your page.....

Elouise Porter 
Hi, my name is Elouise Porter. I love dancing and do box tag boxing. My coach Losh said I was the best. I will do my first boxing competition in February …

Katie's Korner 
My name is Katie and I am 11 years old. I currently live in Arizona, but have also lived in Texas, Idaho, Hawaii, and Virginia. (My dad is in the Air …

All about Cara's world! 
Top Ten Things anyone should know about me (no particular order): 10. I have my very own horse, a 4 year old American Bashkir Curly. He is, of course, …

Everything Emily 
My name is Emily and I am 10 years old. My sister, Katie, also has a page here. So if you read her page, you know that I have lived in many different …

Tess' Tales Not rated yet
I am 8 years old and I am on a year adventure around the country in our family's RV named Jack. Right now we are in mississippi at an alligator farm. …

Kathryn's Fun page Not rated yet
Hey My name is Kathryn! I have been homeschooling for 1 year and so far I'm loving it! I have two sisters. Genevieve is 10 (she's got a page too!). …

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