Amanda Bennett Unit Studies

by Amanda Bennett
(Dunlap, TN)

Hi - my name is Amanda Bennett, author of a series of ready-to-use unit studies. These new unit studies contain four weeks of complete daily lessons for two levels (Lower Level for elementary grades and Upper Level for Jr./Sr. high grades). No additional work, preparation, or planning is required. Some of the many titles include Elections, Horses, American Government, Space, Gardens, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Scrapbooking and many more.

Learning should be an exciting adventure – SHOULD BE but that’s not always the case, is it? I can honestly say that learning was not exciting at our house UNTIL we began homeschooling with unit studies. When we made this switch, a breath of fresh air moved through our lives, and nothing has been the same since that time. Come on and join the adventure!

Amanda Bennett is a well-known author and speaker at homeschool conferences and women’s retreats. With two that have graduated from college and one teenager at home, she and her husband stay busy on their tree farm in Tennessee. Speaking at conferences and retreats, Amanda shares her faith, homeschool experiences and a contagious love of learning.

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