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Are you home schooling in Australia and looking for suppliers? Here you will find suppliers- supplying books, curriculum and other resources.

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Do you supply homeschooling resources for those home schooling in Australia? Would you like to list your business here?

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Australian Homeschool Suppliers desire to help those home schooling in Australia find the resources which fit in with the goals of their families.

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Adnil Press

ADNIL PRESS is a family-run business, run by Bill and Linda Maher. As an Australian Homeschool Supplier, they seek to provide the best in Classical Education Resources and other Australian Homeschool products.  More about their products and services here.

Light Educational Ministries

Light Educational Ministries - produce some of their own products (Australian History, Geography, LEM Phonics) as well as distribute major US textbooks to homeschoolers.  More information about LEM.

Homeschooling DownUnder

Homeschooling DownUnder An Australian company begun by two homeschooling mothers. Their goal is to "inspire children to read and love good Australian and New Zealand literature." Publications include copy work, beginning copywork from Beatrix Potter and nature study resources, notably Nuri Mass's Wonderland of Nature.

Always Learning Books

Always Learning Books Beverley Paine is an Australian author, home educational consultant and publisher of homeschooling books. This site contains Homeschooling, unschooling and natural learning books to inspire and encourage.  Great inspiration from someone who has walked the journey with her children for years.

Australian History Pictures

 Australian History Pictures -  Janette's Pictures Of Australian History and timeline figures are intended to be used to teach Australian history. They are a series of pictures or scenes with accompanying notes and rhyme on Australia's first 100 years of history. They are designed to create windows and hooks: windows that give you a picture of what was going on at a given time and hooks that inform and encourage children (and adults) to investigate further. They are visual and memorable. Janette's children enjoy learning from them, and they are something that will, I hope, create in you an interest in the history of our country. This great resource will aid the Australian Homeschool family to teach our history.

See Janette's page on my site.

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