Math curriculum to check homework by computer?

by Kathryn
(Mt.Holly, NC)

I home educated for 20 years (See my sweet grandbabies above!) then put youngest children in school for the last 3 years since I needed to work. I am able to begin home schooling for my youngest soon, but I am wondering about new technology in math products.

I loved using Math-U-See and I am able to teach high school math. I feel the daily practice is key for mastering math, BUT I HATE checking math pages every day. Has someone come up with a computer system of daily lessons that can be checked with the click of a button. Ideally, I would have them number & work the problems on scratch paper, so that if they miss one, I can go back and see what they are doing wrong.

I would love something that went along with Math-U-See or if Math-U-See had software that used their old lessons this way. Any ideas?

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