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Overview of Home School Curriculum :
Teaching Writing : Structure and Style
by author, Andrew Pudewa

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Teaching Writing : Structure and Style is our primary offering: a video seminar for teachers and parents presenting a system of structural models and stylistic techniques applicable for students of all ages and aptitudes.

Unlike many "Creative writing" programs, this more classical system stresses modeling, and builds a firm foundation of specific skills. As students practice each format and master each technique, they develop confidence and consequently creativity. Even the youngest first grade student can get a sense of structure and a repertoire of style; high school or university students will see instant improvement in their written communication.

This program allows for easy customization, implementation, and concise grading. After learning it yourself, you will be able to communicate to students exactly what is expected of them, as they master new skills one step at a time, and assignments can be integrated with content areas of history, geography, science, religion and literature.

The set includes the full teacher training course on six DVDs (12 hours plus practicum assignments), along with three 2-hour demonstration lessons showing the first step of the process being taught to students at three different grade levels - an enjoyable jump start with Structure and Style. The accompanying Seminar Workbook becomes your syllabus and teaching manual.

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