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Bubble Experiments - Quick, Easy and Fun!

Making a really good bubble solution is crucial in performing these bubble experiments, so I've looked to the expert, Aurora Lipper to give us some tried and proven advice as well as a huge selection of bubble variations and experiment ideas.

The first thing you need to know is how:

To make the best bubbles,

for your bubble experiments, you'll first need to make the best bubble solution. Gently mix together 12 cups cold water in a shallow tub with one cup green Dawn (or clear Ivory) dish soap. If it’s a hot dry day, add a few tablespoons of glycerin. (Glycerin can be found at the drug store.) You can add all sorts of things to find the perfect soap solution: lemon juice, corn syrup, maple syrup, glycerin… to name a few. Each will add its own properties to the bubble solution.

When Aurora teaches this class, she experiments with a variety of solutions just to compare how they all perform with the variety of bubble experiments.

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Thanks to Aurora Lipper for this guest post;
If you are looking for more experiments try the Free Ebooks below.

In the Bubble Experiment pdf, you read how soap makes water "wetter", how soap makes water stretchy and how the soap molecule looks a lot like a snake.

Then she goes on to explain the best type of day to make the gigantic bubbles and certain ways and materials used to make:

  • zillions of bubbles,
  • trumpet bubbles
  • bubble castles
  • joining and stretching bubbles
  • a light show with bubbles
  • weird shapes
  • polygon shapes
  • gigantic bubbles with straws and string
  • and really, really , really big bubbles - this one is a bit more complicated, but nothing short of amazing!!
  • and lastly, a kid in a bubble (with the help of a hula hoop and a plastic swimming pool)

For all the details of these experiments, download the Bubble Experiments PDF by Aurora Lipper, from Supercharged Science and see for yourself how she has been helping families learn science. As a pilot, astronomer, engineer, rocket scientist, and university instructor, she can build laser light shows from tupperware and working radios from toilet paper.

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  • Stick your kid inside a real bubble
  • Grow crystals overnight
  • Create and crack your own geodes
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