Free Notebooking Pages for a variety of subject areas

Check out these free notebooking pages across the subject areas. I am currently teaching the Medieval/Middle ages cycle in our homeschool for history (check out some of the homeschool history resources we are using here) - and as I do so, I am uploading the notebooking pages we add to our history notebook.

free notebooking pages
free notebooking pages- theodoric the ostrogoth
free notebooking pages - middle ages

They have been created in two formats - dotted lines and lined for older children, often 4-6 pages in each pdf set.

Feel free to use these free notebooking pages in your family. If you want to blog about them, or share them on facebook - please send a link back to my site where they can be downloaded for free.

I have blank notebooking pages, homeschool printables which are useful for book reports or book reviews - a whole range of literature based notebook pages;

You may also be interested in the free printable writing paper for a variety of ages. These are blank pages for any subject/topic or for handwriting practice. 

I hope you enjoy these homeschool printables and that they benefit your homeschooling family. This page is not complete, but it gives you an idea of the pages which I am currently writing and some of the free homeschool printables that I am planning to add very soon.

History Notebooking Pages

Famous Men of the Middle Ages - Text and Notebooking

What becomes a treasure?  I would like to suggest it is something you have spent time doing. That's why our children love their own History Notebooks!  Through writing, decorating, adding photos, pictures and relevant maps, they have created a worthwhile keepsake reminding of the time they fought at the Battle of Hastings, took charge on the field of Runnymede and travelled the silk road with Marco Polo.

It's not difficult to do ... excellent literature, great stories and notebooking pages!

This Famous Men of the Middle Ages E-Book contains the text of "The Famous Men of the Middle Ages" by John H. Haaren and A.B. Poland and Notebooking Pages for each character. 

Take your child on the journey and let them put the stories into their own words on pages already created for them. There are 5 pages for each character to assist both the older and younger children in your family.  Enjoy!

Keep History Simple, yet fun and make your life easier.

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Literature Notebooking Pages - for Book Reviews/ Character Descriptions