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The Wonderland of Nature and Journal

The Wonderland of Nature was recommended to me by one of my living book guru homeschool friends. When I finally managed to get my hands on this 1964, CBCA award winning classic. 

I was not disappointed! 

We all enjoyed the interesting text and charming illustrations about Australian bugs, plants, shells, frogs, opals etc. Nuri Mass, the author, brings alive her book with personal stories from her own family.My children loved hearing about the adventures and discoveries of Chris and Tess? the authors own children.

We found Tess, now a grown woman, educating her own children and she allowed us to reprint this Australian nature classic. 

So at Downunder Literature we have re-released this exquisite nature study book, updating only the measurements from imperial.

This book has scientific explanations that are easy for children to understand and over 200 interesting black & white illustrations. 

This book can be read for sheer delight or used as the basis for primary school science. Via our website you can also link to current Australian child friendly websites. 

Recommended age 5-12 

The Wonderland of Nature Journal (on CD) is a delightful companion to The Wonderland of Nature book. This resource will help you teach your students all about nature in a artistic, fun and hands on way. The CD has 40 multi-use Discovery sheets. You can use them in any order and each child can make there own nature journal if they wish. The Discovery sheets relate to specific topics in the book and are also internet linked to relevant child-friendly, Australian educational websites. 

Great for teaching multiple ages. 

CROWNS OF FIRE. This Australian nature story was originally written by Amy Mack for school children in the early 1900’s to teach them about the Australian climate and the ravages of bushfire. It is also an allegory of the sacrifice made by others for others. This book has now been illustrated and adapted for today’s children. Exquisitely illustrated by an award winning artist, this book is an educational, artistic and literary feast of beautiful imagery. Hardback Picture Book. 32 pages. Ages 5-12

We also have some FREE nature resources for the homeschooling family. Visit our website, Downunder Literature for more details.

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